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12+ Pics Of Sphynx Cats That Prove They're Cuddlier Than They Look

mason.zimmer 24 Apr 2019

I've been allergic to cats all my life, so I don't tend to have the same reaction to their presence that a lot of people do.

I've seen a fluffy and affectionate a cat make people so crazy in love with it that it was actually painful for them, but my immediate thought when meeting one is always, "OK, how long until this little guy dries my eyes out?"

While this certainly doesn't make me the biggest cat lover in the world, I do feel that it helps me stay a little more impartial about them. So when people tell me that their wrinkly Sphynx cat is just as lovely as the others, I don't find it hard to believe.

And after these photos, you might not either.

1. Although people who lived as far back as the days of the Aztec Empire kept hairless cats, the specific Sphynx breed is a lot newer than that.

Reddit | Zofie

According to Purina, it wouldn't have been possible to see Nell here's enchanting eyes before 1966, when breeders in Canada started a program to create hairless cats.

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2. There is definitely a downside to not having as much fluff as the other breeds, though.

Reddit | SotirisAel

Although their body temperatures are actually a little above average, they're very concerned about heat loss.

Leaving them out in cold weather is out of the question, but they're also sensitive to cold surfaces and big fans of central heating.

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3. These heat loss issues also explain why Sphynx cats tend to be such big eaters.

Reddit | Cucumber_pirate

Purina's website is careful to mention that every cat's food likes and dislikes are different and their nutritional needs depend on a lot of factors, but eating is definitely a way for Sphynx cats to maintain body heat.

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4. This little guy may not be saying much right now, but Sphynx cats are apparently a talkative breed.

Reddit | camfoss1995

In addition to being intelligent and playful, they've also been described as "champion purrers," although it's unclear how one would judge that quality.

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5. Whether a Sphynx likes baths as much as this one or not, they need them every week.

Reddit | ChipAyten

Sponge baths will also work, but the point is that an oily substance will build up on their skin, which is prone to rashes and fungal infection if it's not carefully maintained.

This oily stuff also needs to be cleaned out from their outer ears to prevent infections there too.

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6. So just because cats like Paxxon here don't have much hair, that doesn't mean they're low-maintenance.

Reddit | Cityofthevikingdead

It's also important to remember that the elements aren't any kinder to them when it's hot out than when it's cold. That's because they're particularly prone to sunburn.

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7. But all of that is worth it for a friendly cat who loves cuddles as much as these fellas do.

Reddit | RaeRenee07

Giving them eyebrows like this is optional, but it apparently helped this one's owners deal with some stressful times.

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8. Still, if you have cat allergies like me, adopting one of these kitties may not be the best move.

Reddit | folkov

That's because they're still known to cause allergic reactions as it's usually a cat's saliva that triggers allergies more than its hair.

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9. If allergies aren't an issue, then it might interest you to know that Sphynx cats like Tefy here often like sleeping with their owners.

Reddit | AntonShavvrin

And as you might assume given their issues with heat loss, that usually means they want to go under the covers.

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10. Just as the cats' facial expressions don't necessarily match how sweet and cuddly they are, neither do their wrinkles.

Reddit | snowgimp

For instance, you may not assume this just by looking at this picture, but this cat's owner says that it's very soft to the touch.

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11. Despite these intentions, even Sphynx cats aren't completely hairless.

Reddit | 2FUR1

As you can see from Ninja here, they're actually covered with a layer of hair that feels like a fine down. For those who can't touch a Sphynx right now, it apparently feels like peach fuzz.

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12. Looks can be deceiving, but this poor little kitten definitely seems upset about something.

Instagram | @peachfuzzsphynx

The only clue here is a caption that says, "Monday" but despite what Garfield would have us believe, I don't think cats actually know what day of the week it is.

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13. This is Nori and if she looks nervous, that's likely because she had just arrived in her new home.

Reddit | Sunslap

It's hard to tell what she went through before coming here, but she definitely seems to be in someone's loving embrace now.

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14. Although Sphynx cats can often look as grumpy as this one, it actually doesn't fit their true nature.

Reddit | TheRookieGetsACookie

According to Purina, they're known as a particularly people-oriented breed who love attention and usually greet their owners when they come home.

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15. Like many animals, Sphynx cats look absolutely adorable and precious when they're newly born.

Reddit | melisandmarie

Those wrinkles might normally make it hard to tell whether we're looking at a puppy or a kitten, but after all this, we're probably experts on what Sphynx cats look like by now.

h/t: Purina

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