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Low-Rise Jeans Are Apparently Coming Back And People Are Not Happy About It

It seems that today's denim trends keep getting more and more terrifying. First there were the Janties, then the bare-butt chaps seen at Coachella, and now, the return of low-rise jeans a.k.a hip-huggers.

I know they say that "Everything that's old becomes new again," but this is one trend we didn't expect—or want—to return.

Fashion has always had a funny way of bringing back old fashions.

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In recent years we've seen the return of chokers, platform shoes, fanny packs and even mom jeans.

And who could have predicted that mom jeans would come back and be as popular as it is now?

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The last time low-rise jeans were in style, we all had terrible taste in fashion.

Do you remember what you were wearing the back in the early 2000's? If not, that's probably because you pushed those nightmarish memories to the back of your mind.

And who could blame you for it? We were wearing dresses over our jeans, Kangol hats, flared miniskirts and bizarre split-front tops.

It was one big, hot mess and low-rise jeans were right in the thick of it.

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Now, hip-huggers are making a comeback to the fashion world.

The style was spotted on a few different runways recently including Chanel's Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

Chanel even paired the jeans up with a bedazzled name belt and a one-shoulder bodysuit for the complete 00s outfit.

The only thing missing is a purposely visible thong.

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Low-rise jeans aren't making appearances on runways alone.

A growing number of models and influencers are getting on the bandwagon (which only increases the likelihood of it becoming more popular).

Models like Emily Ratajowski, Bella Hadid and Cindy Bruna have all been seen showing off their belly buttons in a pair of low-rise jeans recently.

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Of course, people had a lot to say about this news.


"Low rise jeans are coming back; the end is nigh," commented on person.

Some people even said they'd rather choose death than to ever wear low-rise jeans ever again.

"I fear low-rise jeans more than I fear death itself," said Twitter user @Lauren_Petrillo.

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Not everyone is opposed to the trend's comeback.


Some people are showing excitment to show off their hip bones again or even their expensive thongs.

"I feel like I really missed out on the low rise jeans with thongs era so we need to bring it back," said one Twitter user.

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So, where do you stand?

Will you be digging out your old pair of flared low-rise jeans with a thong and pointy-toed boots to match?

Or are you wishing that low-rise jeans would crawl back into the 2002 vault that it came from and never return?

Personally, I pick the latter.

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