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16+ Things People Didn't Think They'd Stumble Upon

Life is always full of little surprises. No matter how jaded or cynical we may get, it's hard to deny that the world continues to serve up the unexpected. If you think you've seen it all, think again.

Should I knock?

Reddit | elastizitat

This door (and accompanying fence and mailbox) is shown here in its full context: on a deserted beach with no explanation given. There is no further story. It's just plain weird.

The unicorn of the seas.

Reddit | Teerendog

We've all seen lobsters ranging in color from bright red to dark brown. People who spend time on the internet may have even seen one of those rare blue lobsters. But this cotton candy-looking lobster is something else entirely.

Do you live like this?

Reddit | not_a_number1

We're looking here at the bagworm moth caterpillar, which is wholly unremarkable by itself. But when you factor in the giant twig hut it carries on its back, things get considerably more interesting.

A glimpse through time.

Reddit | lethrwawy

It's always cool to discover a fossil and think about the way it captures the past. But finding petroglyphs like the ones seen here at Petrified Forest National Park is absolutely fascinating.


Reddit | Mono_420

It looks like something out of Game of Thrones, but this is actually a whale skeleton. It might seem unexpected in a desert, but a few eons ago, that area wouldn't have been a desert.

You need to be in the know.

Reddit | noneck50

Everyone knows a little hole-in-the-wall cafe or restaurant that's hidden away. I think this unbelievably tiny hot dog restaurant takes the cake, though. It's almost literally smaller than a hot dog cart.

I guess it's a big box store.

Reddit | Nugasaki

In an age where all commercial architecture looks pretty much the same, it's pretty refreshing to see a company take a few extra steps to make their HQ look truly unique.


Reddit | Jezep

You might not expect to see perfection in a public washroom, but the way this loo's porthole windows frame the London Eye ferris wheel is pretty captivating. Just try not to focus on the actual public washroom.

Should we run?

Reddit | downvoteforwhy

These rain clouds are unlike anything I've ever seen. The bottom "stem" section looks almost like the base of a mushroom cloud, while the cloud itself looks more like a Christmas tree.

We all float down here.

Reddit | jtronicustard

I like bacon as much as the next guy, but if the only slices available showed a creepy killer clown, I'd probably just opt for the breakfast sausage instead.

What's behind the mystery door?

Reddit | SleepyGary5

What looks like a hatch to the basement is exactly that. But as it turns out, it mostly exists because the original builder of the house couldn't be bothered to remove that huge boulder.

Not a bad stitch job.

Reddit | biglanga

This cocoon has snuggled into the folds of an outdoor umbrella and stitched itself into a safe area. The umbrella didn't really need to be stitched there, but it's a bang-up job either way.

But why?

Reddit | dante7894

Nature interacts with itself in all kinds of weird ways, so I shouldn't really be surprised anymore...even if I'm looking at a snail that somehow has a tiny wasp nest attached to its shell.

Does he know something we don't know?

Reddit | Sweaty_Meerkat

Lots of people think about the possibility of crashing when they're on a plane. This proactive passenger has decided to prepare for the faint possibility by straight-up wearing a parachute onto the plane.

There's quartz in them hills.

Reddit | [deleted]

A small chunk of quartz may be useful, but it's not worth a lot. But a large chunk, like this absolute unit of a quartz deposit found in Arkansas, can be worth millions.

History is everywhere.

Reddit | mattiacasar8

Some parts of Europe are so steeped in history that you can't escape it, even when you're just running to the supermarket for some milk and eggs. This store in Venice was built into an old theater.


Reddit | ZeroB2

What a nice sign inviting guests into the quaint cafe! I'd love to stay, but I'm decidedly unnerved by the conveniently-placed mirror which reflects the letters in "Cafe" as "Dead".

What's Privacy?

Reddit | verosamonster

This is how new bathrooms look before the separate stalls are placed. Now we'll really know if you're the one who didn't flush.

Tall Boy

Reddit | smolprincess

This person found a ridiculously tall cactus at a friend's house. Some boys get an early growth spurt I guess.

Someone owes Chicken Little $5.

Reddit | Chihuahua_Martini

I have so many questions. Are stars put onto it at night time? Is it a reminder of good weather during storms? Was this just someone's favorite cloudy day?

All Aboard

Reddit | TheTwistedSkirt

This turtle train is a rare sight to behold. Franklin? Is that you?

An inconvenient napper.


We all know inconvenient nappers: they fall asleep in a way that's totally in the way when they just ought to go to bed. This giant walrus took things to another level by blocking the entry into this submarine.


Reddit | SmokeyTheHoboDog

Yes, we're drowning in plastics and really ought to get better at recycling. But it's fascinating how nature has managed to turn a discarded plastic lid into a miniature greenhouse.

Thanks x2.

Reddit | Deserve_The_Future

Leaving a complimentary note about someone else's car? That's nice. Leaving a complimentary note that's also the best fried fast food item of all time? That's an all-time awesome move.