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Kylie's 'Handsy' Photoshop Fail May Be The Most Confusing One Yet

Oh Kylie. Lil' Miss Kylie Kristen Jenner.

We love you, gorl. We really do. But sometimes, you've got us scratching our heads.

Sometimes, you've got us asking questions.

Sometimes, you've got us confusion, and Kylie girl's latest Instagram post has us asking many, many questions.

Kylie is known for many things.

First and foremost, she is known for her hot fire flame style.

I know she probably has a stylist, but she is always k i l l i n g it in her Instagram posts and red carpet appearances.

Her adorable baby, Stormi.

Look at little Stormi dressed with her bear ears and hugging a whole pile of stuffed teddy bears.

Can this child get any cuter?!

Her gorgeous cosmetics company.

Kylie's Lip Kit's really changed the game for liquid lipstick in the beauty world, to say the least.

Not only that, but her company is what really launched her into the spotlight.

Her reputation as the youngest "self-made" billionaire.

And honestly I would like to accomplish just being an adult for a couple hours.


Kylie is also known for having some gorgeous nails.

Imagine not being Kylie Jenner and trying to achieve these Malibu Barbie-inspired ombré nails. A dream. A fantasy. An alternate reality. A different galaxy.

One quick scroll through her Instagram feed will show Kylie loves some hand work.

Her nail technician is a total creative genius if you ask me.

Kylie pretty much trademarked this selfie pose.

Even though this photo is pretty recent, OG Kylie fans know what I'm talking about.

The casual, yet posed index finger resting on the chin is an iconique look.

Kylie loves to show off her hands when taking pictures.

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And I mean, I love that for her. Hands are always weird in pics so it's awesome sis knows how to utilize her digits.

However, Kylie's latest hand-forward pic is a little weird.

Do you see it?

If you take a closer look, Kylie's hand is looking kinda... lanky?

Instagram | @kyliejenner

The distance between her thumb and her finger is looking at little long.

Do you need an even closer look?

Instagram | @kyliejenner

I thought so, and you're welcome.

Anyone else think hands are so weird the more we keep looking at Kylie's hands????

Please see below the document I have created that features images in which Kylie's hands are highlighted.

Instagram | @kyliejenner

She deffs has some amazing fingers (prolly weird for me to say?) but the space between her index finger and her thumb is deffs bigger in the most recent pic.

I just wanna know why are the hands being messed with?

Instagram | @kyliejenner

Sister Khloé Kardashian also recently had a Facetune fail with her fingers.

I mean, weirdo Facetuned fingers or nah, Kylie is still stunning on all of us.

Instagram | @kyliejenner

We love you Kylie, just get ur photoshop together sis.

But Kylie's not the only Kardashian to get called out for odd photo mishaps.

Sister Khloé Kardashian also recently had a Facetune fail with her fingers.

Tbh, I'm just. Confused.

Instagram | @khloekardashian

Even if photoshop were involved here, I'm trying to figure out where on her body it was used to affect a hand that is approximately 5 feet away from her body.

Talk about a big YIKES.

Instagram | @khloekardashian

There is just no use anymore trying to figure it out.

Then there was this.

You would think a family with such a big following would get at least 10 people to make sure each photo is flawless.

But I'm happy this photo happened, tbh.

Let's move on to the next Kardashian Kulprit. We see you, Kim.

We also see the curved edge of the road and ... what?

What even is that parked in the background?!

Upon closer inspection, you can see that half of the car looks mirrored.

Instagram | @kimkardashian

While it's easy to pick on Kim, it turned out that her photo was simply a cropped part of a photo that a fan made, which was indeed mirrored.

She said in an Instagram story, "Who would even Photoshop a car to look like that?! LOL."

Mamma Kris isn't off the hook from edit fails, either.

The wood frame in between her arm and torso seems to be a tad dented and warped.

Leave it to the Internet to pick up on this very tiny and miniscule detail.

Some Instagram users pointed out that the wall next to Kendall's stomach seems a bit dented as well.

Imagine we paid this close attention to real life issues in the news the way we pay attention to the slightest WALL DENT in a Kardashian's Instagram photo. Wild.

The Internet sure loves to hate the Kardashians, but they're still out there not fazed but any of it.

I for one am looking forward to the future of more hand fails.