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People Are Celebrating Easter By Painting Eggs On Butts

Amy Pilkington 20 Apr 2019

Easter represents different things for different people. It may be an important religious holiday or a secular family event or a combination of both.

Personally, I've always been in it for the chocolate — and the cute bunnies. A parental mistake in my childhood led to my early discovery of the Easter Bunny lie, but it didn't stop me from buying a giant bag of Mini Eggs every year.

Eggs are a traditional symbol of Easter, likely because of how they represent the birth of new life each spring.


We decorate them, hide them, find them, and eventually eat the chocolate and candy ones.

And, apparently, we now paint them onto our butts.

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I mean, I've seen pumpkin butts before.

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Plenty of parents have been inspired by the round cuteness of toddler bums for autumn-themed photoshoots.

And, I'll admit, they're pretty cute.

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But(t), now we're seeing Easter eggs getting in on the trend.

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In particular, the butt cheeks of full-grown men.

I'm not kidding. When I checked #easterbutts on Instagram, it's pretty much all men's butts.

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I did find a couple of baby Easter butts.

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These appear to be less refined than those being done by the professional bodypainters, but they are no less cute.

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The trend seems pretty new judging by the hashtag, but it could be just the beginning.

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Heck, BuzzFeed did a whole photoshoot featuring the egg butts of their male staff.

So if you think you'd like to try it, then you can be one of the first to join the trend!

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