28 Pictures So Satisfying They Brought Me To My Knees

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When the Rolling Stones wrote "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," they definitely weren't talking about these pictures I'm about to unleash on you.

The perfect pattern, texture, or shape can make the most boring, everyday object utterly satisfying.

Check out these pictures that are so satisfying, you'll need a witness.

The brown crust on this perfectly toasted marshmallow brought me to my knees.

Reddit | SlimJones123

Just enough crunch without jeopardizing the softness that makes a marshmallow what it is. Gimme that right now!

This Japanese face wash that dispenses foam in the shape of a rose. How cool is this?


I'm a guy, and I've been watching this over and over for a few minutes.

OK, this one may be unbelievable, but it's still incredibly satisfying. "Lining up my tie on the first try," wrote PhilHist.

Reddit | PhilHist

That's how you start a day right there. Good work, sir.

Ceramic carving could quite possibly be the most satisfying thing out there to watch. The layers uncovered by the scraper are too good.


I'm a little disturbed at the same time, though.

You can knock a grown man unconscious with this picture. Are you kidding me right now?

Reddit | Emiliovaslord

The layers and the butter dangling just right off the top, and the perfect amount of syrup? Can I get a witness?!

Notice the reflection on the side of these pots? 

Reddit | sidshembekar

Obviously, the spaghetti noodle and what appear to be bottle caps were placed there on purpose, but it's still pretty satisfying.

Something I have never seen before, but will try to recreate forever now. 

Reddit | JesseH14

This has to be the flattest tube of toothpaste in history. I'm willing to bet there's a little left near the cap, though.

"I was shaking with a box of toothpicks and they arranged like this," wrote JesseH14.

Reddit | JesseH14

How is this perfection possible? It reminds me a bit of a snowball mixed with Sonic the Hedgehog.

It's hard to image how the hundreds of cables that surround us in a city can affect its atmosphere. 

Reddit | error404error00

The side-by-side shot below shows how removing power lines in Kyoto, Japan affects the aesthetics of a city.

One of the most satisfying treats my eyes have ever witnessed. 

Reddit | icametodropbombs

I never realized until now how perfect a chocolate chip is for a raspberry. The richness of the visuals are hard to deny as well.

Even though this hedgehog looks a tiny bit frightened as he makes the final slip into this measuring cup, it's still one of the cutest things I've ever seen.


This is necessary, though, for science!

Here's something you'll probably never see in your lifetime: a perfect 24/7 on the gas pump. 

Reddit | [deleted]

I'm guessing this person stopped the pump in anticipation of this moment, but it's hard to tell.

This perfectly circular arrangement of trees captured from above. Can you imagine having a cabin right in the middle?

Reddit | WiiUvinate

This pattern is too good to not be man-made, but it's satisfying nonetheless.

Just take a moment to appreciate the natural complexity of a honeycomb. 

Reddit | CrazyDuck6745

The beautiful amber combined with the organized arrangement of the compartments makes this almost too much to handle.

Yep, those are completely peeled pomegranates. 


Not only is the natural pattern of the pomegranate appealing, it tastes like heaven. The longer I look at it the hungrier I get — let's move on.

Has fungus ever looked so good before?! This natural bouquet of fungi might change the way you think about mushrooms.

Reddit | thebayallday

The balance of colors from top to bottom definitely has something to do with how satisfying this is.

You have to be impressed by the intricate way this rope is so carefully tied on a canoe.

Reddit | cdhernandez

I would definitely feel safe on a sea voyage in this well-cared-for vessel.

An orange paper clip just barely denting the surface of water is surprisingly beautiful. 

Reddit | terchon

And it's a perfect illustration of surface tension for any grade school science teachers out there.

The way this spiral aloe vera plant grows is just too much. 

Reddit | justbyhappenstance

It might be even more soothing on the eyes than it is on the skin. Crazy how nature does that!

When you print off a test receipt, it tries every character in every possible position, making a cool pattern.

Reddit | Rep232

And it's still not as long as a receipt for a pack of gum from CVS!

How did the barista manage to get all the layers in this drink to show up so perfectly?

Reddit | LambeauLeapt

So satisfying on the eyes, it would almost be a shame to drink it. Almost.

Somebody must have spent a lot of time at the griddle making this pyramid of pancakes.

Reddit | LambeauLeapt

Totally worth it, of course. With that coffee, somebody's in for one beautiful breakfast!

A slice of pepperoni that fits perfectly inside a ring of onion on a pizza.

Reddit | Aznev

That would make quite possibly the most ideal single bite of pizza ever, don't you think?

Talk about blending into the background! It's like Bic took the picture for that lighter on this lake.

Reddit | PhilthyMcNastay

The scene alone is pretty soothing, but lining the two of them up is some kind of sorcery.

"My wife opened a washing machine full of towels and found it just like this after the cycle. Amazing," wrote Rittmeister7.

Reddit | Rittmeister7

I just want to climb into the washer and lie down on that.

"My shoe impression pattern I did in my Forensics class," wrote snakeswithhats.

Reddit | snakeswithhats

Knowing that that blue material is malleable makes this picture really interesting. It picks up the details in the sole so well.

I honestly thought this was a cinnamon roll before I saw a close-up version of it. That's a snake in the most satisfying (yet horrifying) coil.

Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com

I prefer cinnamon rolls.

Why is this random tower of glue globs so satisfying? I want to see an entire forest of these things.

Reddit | pimack

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