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16 Petty People Out Here Tryna Live

Being petty is a special gift that only a few have mastered to perfection. It's easy to be mean or rude, like there isn't anything cute about that. Being petty, though, now that takes patience and true street smarts to pull off.

Everyone on this list has proven they have a talent for pettiness. They've done the kinds of things that prove they're not to be messed with again.

1. This'll definitely make a point. 

Twitter | @WhiteCodeine

You have to get clever to navigate neighborly feuds to mark your territory and make it clear you are not to be messed with. I think it's safe to say that his neighbor won't be vacuuming the floor at night anymore.

2. The one thing worse than feuds with neighbors is feuds with roommates.

Twitter | @CakeLikeBeth

You share the same everything, so you have to take your pettiness to a whole new level. Imagine waking up the next morning and missing breakfast because of this? That'll teach them a lesson.

3. Like, see what happens when things get out of hand between roommates? 

Tumblr | Sierraseybold

"7 shrimps and 4,562 rice" like OH MY GOD. You know Brandii was crossing several lines eating food that wasn't hers, so something this extreme had to be done.

4. And then feuding with coworkers is a whole other playground.

Tumblr | dirtydianabanana

You have to be boldly petty, as in, you can't just attack one coworker. THEY ALL MUST SUFFER. The more damage you cause, the louder your message is heard.

5. Feuding with friends pushes our creativity with pettiness to new, beautiful heights.

Twitter | @CaballeroSerena

Look at the way Serena matched the color of the sky so perfectly, and even contoured the car? A true petty queen.

6. And of course, being petty with exes takes true artistry to pull off. But the payoff is so, so beautiful.  

Twitter | @NickLutz12

Nick was over it, so he decided to take things back to the classroom and teach his ex a good lesson.

7. I mean, you brought Toy Story into this? I am shooketh.

Twitter | @AndyyRogers

You know your pettiness truly stings when you bring in the most emotional part of your favorite childhood movie to prove a point. I am hurt, and this wasn't even sent to me.

8. Sometimes the pettiness has to come out in public to truly make a point. 

Twitter | @BullHunitProof

I mean, nothing says "You're dead to me" more than literally posting a Facebook status and tagging your ex in it. Pettiness taken to a whole new level.

9. I guess if you're lucky enough to still be in a relationship, you gotta get hella creative to make a point.

Twitter | @chopstckss

"Babe, what do you want?" "I don't know." Well, at least they got what they asked for....

10. Pulling out the receipts is second nature to every petty person. 

Twitter | @unlurn

So, it's only natural to create a folder and open the library whenever you need to put Debbie in her place.

11. Taking pettiness to the next level with social media is, quite honestly, a moral duty at this point.

Twitter | @asamantha321

Amy thinks it's dangerous and annoying to drive and snap, so she's doing community service at this point. Thanks, girl! You a real one.

12. What's worse than snapchatting and driving? BEING RUDE AND DRIVING.

Twitter | @Mndspeak88

Sorry, like, if you want my spot instead of driving laps around the parking lot to find a parking spot, you're gonna have to do things on my time, okay, Debbie?

13. This just shows that true pettiness is a balance of patience, hard work, and a lot of resilience. 

Twitter | @kathbarbadoro

I mean, this must've hurt bad enough for this woman to plot a six-month revenge plan.

14. Just let them live, okay, Brad?

Instagram | @tinassecret

I'm sure if a girl gets her eyebrows done this big, it's for a perfectly good reason. Maybe it suits their face better, who knows?

15. If being petty online isn't enough to fix your relationship problems, there's always this!

Twitter | @Queenn__Kk

Nothing will teach someone a lesson like the fear of losing all the progress they made on Call of Duty. Sorry, Brad, you played yourself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

16. And finally, inventing new ways to get what you want is peak pettiness.

Instagram | @tinassecret

I'm not here condoning cheating or cheaters, but this is one hella petty way to get what you want.

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