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Your Pet Can Rule The Seven Kingdoms With This Iron Throne Bed

Can you believe that the wait for Game of Thrones' final season is over?

It feels it's been forever — though it's been less than two years —and yet also like it was only yesterday that we were watching the Stark kids adopt adorable direwolves and start their journeys.

Fans have found lots of ways to show their love of the show, and now their pets can sit on the Iron Throne!

Etsy | MadeForPets

Of course, this throne isn't made of hundreds of sharp swords. It's soft and cozy for your furry friends.

The whole thing is made of thin foam rubber over a constructed frame, then covered in a soft, durable fabric.

Etsy | MadeForPets

It's available on the Etsy shop MadeForPets. They make custom beds and houses for pet parents everywhere.

The Iron Throne was inspired by a custom order.

Etsy | MadeForPets

They liked it so much, that the shop decided to make it part of the catalog.

The arms of the throne are hollow, giving pets a hiding place if that's their preference, and the cushion is washable.

If 'Game of Thrones' isn't your jam, the shop has some other great options.

Etsy | MadeForPets

Just look at this yellow submarine! Adorbs!

And if you like the look, but not necessarily The Beatles, the sub can be made in custom colors.

But if Instagram fame is what you're after, you need this Insta-House.

Etsy | MadeForPets

I mean, look at it!

Can I just take a moment to appreciate the cuteness of the store's catalog models? They're perfect!

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