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A Species Of Bee Sleeps In Flowers And A Photographer Captured How Adorable It Is

There are about a zillion adorable photos on the internet, but sometimes you see something you haven't seen before. This comes courtesy of ace photography Joe Neely. You can find more of his pics on Facebook, Instagram, or his official site.

Joe's a super talented photographer.

Facebook | Joe Neely

Looking through his pics is a good reminder that, no matter how many megapixels my camera phone may have, there's absolutely no way my snapshots will ever be as impressive as those taken by an actual pro photographer.

There's diversity in his scenes.

Facebook | Joe Neely

From this spectacular vista along an Arizona highway, with the city lights of Phoenix in the distance, to snowy peaks, Joe's landscapes are uniquely distinct from one another.

There's something about the lighting.

Instagram | @jmneelyphotography

Anyone who's ever gotten serious about photography knows that, for the best photograph, it's imperative to use the right settings and accessories. Little differences in time of day and cloud cover can necessitate big tweaks.

It isn't just landscapes, either.

Instagram | @jmneelyphotography

Joe's photography goes from the macro to the micro, as you can see from this gorgeous low-angle shot of flowers in a field. He doesn't just photograph still life, either.


Instagram | @jmneelyphotography

An early image teased Joe's animal photos, so here's a great example. There's a wide variety of animals in his photos, and each pic captures something unique about the animals that are featured.


Instagram | @jmneelyphotography

Moving from terrestrial creatures to the ones that fly, some of these images are just jaw-dropping. It's hard to imagine what would go into getting a shot that's this perfect.

Less majestic.

Instagram | @jmneelyphotography

It's a great photo, taken by a professional...but somehow things look just a little less awe-inspiring when the focal point is the grumpiest, littlest owl that anyone could ever imagine.

Joe likes bees, too.

Facebook | Joe Neely

It's pretty cool to contrast some of the wide-open spaces he captures in his landscapes versus the small-scale details in pictures like this. You can see each speck of pollen on the bee's legs.

There are more bees...

Don't worry, this isn't a Nic Cage in The Wicker Man type of situation. Some bees are scary, but we can promise you that the bees you're about to see will melt your heart.


Joe Neely

We're looking at a bee species called Diadasia diminuta, or the globe mallow bee. If you look closely at the bee on the right, you can see what's so freakin' cute about these guys.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Joe Neely

These little bees use a fairly small variety of plants to survive. Unlike most other species, they take the term "host plant" literally, as they'll actually curl up to sleep in their plants of choice.

Pretty much.

Unsplash | Alex Pavlou

It's uncanny how much these curled-up bees look like a cat taking an extravagant nap. I can't decide which one is cuter. The bees are pretty cute...but then again, they might sting ya.

Joe got up close and personal.

Joe Neely

These flowers don't have a one-bee limit. It looks like a whole bunch of bees will contentedly snuggle in to the same flower together after a long day of pollinating.

What a mess.

Joe Neely

Bees' hairy bodies are designed to catch and trap pollen. But it's still pretty interesting seeing an up close view of how this natural phenomenon plays out in practice.

Bees are pretty amazing.

I mean, I literally didn't know that bees did this, but thanks to Joe's photography, now I do know.

If you want to see more of Joe's tremendous photography, check him out on Facebook, Instagram, or his official site