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Norwegian Police 'Arrest' The Night King For Destroying The Wall

Before we begin, an announcement: there won't be any spoilers in this article about the new Game of Thrones episode, mainly because I haven't seen it yet. However, I will reference characters from the show — so there may be some tiny spoilers from seasons one through seven.

Let us begin...

Game of Thrones is back, baby.

Unless you live under a rock, you've probably noticed people on social media absolutely losing their minds over the series returning for its final episodes. It's literally a global phenomenon at this point.

The new season won't hold anything back.

We've been promised for years that "Winter is coming". From the events of last season, it seems that winter is finally here — and things are getting very, very real.

First, a refresher.


So, in the GoT universe, a massive ice wall has been built in the north to protect Westeros from the baddies who live on the other side. There's good reason for this.

It isn't really their fault.

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Yes, the undead zombie-ish White Walkers pose a mortal threat to the good people of Westeros. But they're undead and brainless. It isn't like they're driven by any ideology, because they're unthinking.

This guy, though.

This guy? This guy's a jerk. The Night King is the spooky-looking dude who commands the White Walker army. Despite the infighting in Westeros, it looks like the final clash in GoT will involve the Night King.

Let's back up a moment.

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You're looking at Trondheim, Norway in the winter. It's a lovely looking town, but it gets pretty icy in the winter. You can practically see an endless army of White Walkers coming up over those hills.

The local police know what's up.

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In a Facebook post, the Trondheim police detailed the steps they'd taken in the aftermath of the first episode airing. Honestly, it's hard to argue with their rationale here.

Oh yes, there are pics.

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It's just beautiful, isn't it? The Night King isn't vamping and trying to freak anybody out anymore. He just looks indignant, and a little bit goofy, wearing his standard issue orange jail jumpsuit.

The move was applauded.

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Even if you don't understand Norwegian, it isn't really necessary here. Judging by the use of the true international language — emojis — the Norwegians who replied to this post were pretty happy with the move.

Get a good look.

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It's important to have these mugshots, if only so we'll have a good idea of what the Night King looks like should he ever get out of jail. Let's hope that never happens.

Doing God's work.

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You can argue that arresting the Night King cuts down on GoT drama. But a threat is a threat, and the Trondheim Police did what Jon Snow has been unable to do (so far): put the Night King away.

Where are your White Walkers now?

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I don't want to gloat, but this guy deserves everything he's getting. Again, he's been a total jerk — and aside from his documented atrocities, I just don't like the guy's showoff style.

Hopefully he rots in here.

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I know that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but this is one case where we can make an exception. If you brought him into a courtroom he'd probably just use magic to destroy everybody anyway.

Think about what you've done.

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This is a major shakeup just as GoT premieres. Has HBO ever considered this? I mean, you can spend years preparing all of the armies in the land, or you could just arrest the guy.

Jokes aside, it's going to be an epic season.

It could literally be the most epic season of television ever seen. It's certainly among the most anticipated. Share your thoughts and predictions for the new season in the comments section!