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10+ People Who Were Fired Because Of Social Media Posts

Sydney Brooman 15 Apr 2019

If you don't have your social media accounts set to private, anyone in the world could theoretically see what you post.

If you're an upstanding citizen, you have nothing to worry about. However, some people choose to publicly document their worst behavior on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and ultimately pay the price for it.

1. After this Facebook post, Brookfield Zoo had one less employee.

Facebook | Rochelle Robinson

After Brookfield Zoo employee Rochelle Robinson took a selfie on the job with the caption, "At work serving these rude a** white people", it got so much traction that the zoo was forced to release a statement:

"Yesterday, we became aware of the actions of a single employee which we agree are unacceptable...please know that we took prompt action to remedy the situation this morning."

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2. This high school counselor chose a very unfortunate metaphor for her anger.


The post spread like wildfire, and obviously, public threats of violence don't bode well for someone who works in the school system.

At least now she's got all the free time in the world to get some counselling of her own?

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3. Bye bye body shamer.


Dani Mathers hosted her own radio show before posting a video on her Snapchat of a naked 80-year-old woman showering at her gym.

Not only was it rude, but it was a gross invasion of privacy. She lost the radio gig soon after, but does anybody really feel bad?

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4. This woman lost her job in the span of one brief flight.

Twitter | @justinesacco

Justine Sacco's career was destroyed in a matter of seconds when she sent out a racist tweet on her way to Cape Town. The internet created the hashtag #HasJustineLandedYet in reference to her obvious impending job loss.

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5. You've gotta be squeaky clean in the world of children's education.


When parents stumbled across high school teacher Ashley Payne's public Facebook account, many of them were concerned with what they found.

A case was brought to the school board and Payne was ultimately removed from her teaching position because of a collection of photos like the one above, in which she was seen endorsing drinking alcohol.

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6. There's inappropriate, and then there's just plain gross.


This man was fired from Taco Bell after several of his co-workers showed a rather incriminating photograph that he had posted to his Facebook account to their manager.

As it's a literal safety hazard, we're glad that his boss made the call.

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7. When you go after Steve Irwin and his family, you get the full force of the internet's wrath.

Twitter | @catherinedeveny

Australian comic and writer Catherine Deveny made this public comment on her Twitter account about Steve Irwin's young daughter Bindi.

She was almost immediately fired from her position at the Australian newspaper The Age, but surprisingly, she admits to this day that she doesn't regret what she said.

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8. These mining workers did the Harlem Shake right into unemployment.

After a video went viral of these workers doing their own version of the Harlem Shake dance, their boss was pretty unimpressed at their lack of professionalism.

A lot of them were simply given written warnings, but the five men who orchestrated the video found themselves jobless in a matter of hours.

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9. One working professional learned quickly that some secrets are for 'company eyes only.'

Unsplash | Daria Nepriakhina

A young woman working at an HR company lost her job after revealing one of the company's new clients on her personal Instagram.

The identity of the client wasn't supposed to be revealed, and the young woman was blamed for the deal subsequently coming to a halt.

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10. A true American 'Hero.'

Twitter | @Hero_Matt

Firefighter Matt Bowman showcased his sexism on Twitter to his thousands of followers, and was promptly 'let go' from the station.

Honestly, we hope that he lost his job and his pie.

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11. This nurse decided it would be a good idea to publicly mock a man's gruesome death.

The woman's Instagram post reads: "Man vs. 6 Train, the aftermath", with a photo of the emergency surgery room after the man's death.

Needless to say, she wasn't seeing any patients after that.

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12. If you have a job you don't like, maybe don't shout it to the world.

Twitter | @connerriley

After Conner Riley accepted a job offer at a new company, she decided that it would be a good idea to publicly announce how much she hated said company.

Her tweet was seen immediately, and the offer was promptly revoked.

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13. These bankers staged and posted photos of a fake terrorist attack.

A group of HSBC bankers were fired after photos emerged on Facebook of them carrying out a mock execution on an Asian colleague.

A HSBC spokesman told The Sun: “We do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour".

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14. I guess this girl didn't need a job too badly.

Twitter | @Cella_

In a hilarious turn of events, this woman's new boss also fired her over Twitter.

Some things are meant to be kept to yourself.

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15. This might be at the top of the list of 'Things NOT to post on social media'

Unsplash | Helloquence

While serving jury duty, a man decided that it wouldn't be a problem if he shared intimate details of the case on his personal Facebook, in order to get his friends' opinions on what his decision should be.

Though jury duty isn't technically a job, we're counting this one because the entire jury had to be dissolved, which had a major impact on the case itself.

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16. Making fun of customers gets you a one way ticket out the door.

Channel 2 Action News

These two Little Ceasers employees were fired after posting a photograph and corresponding rude message about a customer at their location.

But the real question is, did that lady get the correct pizza?

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17. You may want to be careful whose kid you insult.

Twitter | @petershall

Media producer Peter S. Hall was quickly attacked in the Twitterverse after he made quite the pointed jab at Donald Trump's son, Barron. A few days later, he was fired from his job.

Was it worth it? You decide.

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18. Might as well make 'naked. wet. stoned' your resume tagline.

Twitter | @@carlycrunkbear

Colorado high school math teacher Carly McKinney had been previously suspended at work for posting inappropriate photos. Then, she decided to step up her photograph game and become the ultimate 'bad influence'.

This time, there were no second chances.

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19. Anything but #SquadGoals

New England Patriot's cheerleader Caitlin Davis found herself in hot water after images emerged online of her writing antisemitic slurs and x-rated drawings on a passed out guy at a party.

Her reasoning was that she wasn't the only one to blame for the writing, but the photos had gotten so much attention online that it only made sense for the cheerleading team to give her the boot.

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20. And then there's this guy.

Twitter | @cameronisonfire

Cameron Jankowski was employed at Taco Bell when he posted a photo of himself urinating on nachos.

Yeah. He really did that.

Luckily for us, Taco Bell didn't take the photograph very well, and Jankowski is not only infamous, but unemployed.

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21. No amount of fairy dust will get this guy his job back.

Kevin Colvin was an intern at a bank when he decided to post this picture to his Facebook — unfortunately, he had also decided to email his boss and lie about having to miss work because "something came up in New York."

His boss replied with an email that said, "Hope everything's ok in New York. (cool wand.)" Yikes.

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22. You'd think a communications director would know better than to post something like this.

Elizabeth Lauten was the communications director for Republican Rep. Stephen Fincher of Tennessee back in 2014 until she made the not-so-smart decision to write a Facebook post criticizing Sasha and Malia Obama for their outfits at the annual White House turkey pardon.

Lauten later made a follow up post apologizing, but the damage was done. She could've used a communications director of her own to tell her to just skip sharing this kind of opinion publicly.

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23. Be careful who and what you endorse.

Twitter | @heydamo

Damian Goddard was a Toronto sports anchor before he got fired for this tweet. It all started when New York Rangers forward Sean Avery spoke publically about his support for same-sex marriage in a campaign promoting marriage equality.

Hockey agent Todd Reynolds had taken to Twitter to voice his disagreement with Avery's position, which Goddard then agreed with. Goddard was fired the next day.

Talk about swift action.

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24. This is why people want spoilers tagged.

Twitter | @NicoleMCrowther

Remember Glee? Did you know one of the extras got fired for tweeting spoilers? Because I didn't until today, and I used to be obsessed with that show.

Nicole Crowther was a day player on the show when she tweeted out spoilers for who would be prom king and queen in an upcoming episode. One of the show's co-creators slammed her for it. You know it's bad when one of the highest positions in the show's hierarchies has to come down to school you.

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25. There's writing a social media post about your employer, then there's writing a whole letter.

Medium | Talia Jane

This woman wrote an open letter/blog post to the CEO of Yelp, Jeremy Stoppelmann, the company for which she was working for. It was actually a very thought-provoking letter about wage disparity and how grossly underpaid she was compared to the Stoppelmann's wealth. However, it being well written didn't absolve her of punishment.

This is something I would have waited to write until after I had stopped working there.

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26. All those warnings about tattoos impacting employment really are true sometimes.

Facebook | Claire Sheppard

In 2015, Claire Sheppard was fired from her job as a retail merchandiser for Dee Set in 30 minutes due to having a hand tattoo.

They hadn't seen her tattoos until the day she started due to conducting phone interviews, so when they saw her they quickly became worried that her tattoos might 'cause offense'. They decided to fire her right there.

Claire took to Facebook to share her story, explaining her 6 years of management experience prior to this where her tattoos were never a problem. The post was shared thousands of times in support.

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27. A lesson in knowing a lot about the company you're going to work for.

Twitter | NaomiH_Official

I remember watching this whole event unfold live. Twitter user NaomiH_Official scored an internship with NASA, which she was justifiably excited about. After getting a little overzealous, she swore at Homer Hickman, former NASA engineer and current member of the National Space Council.

Naomi did end up losing the internship, but not over this funnily enough. According to a blog post that Hickman wrote, she lost it due to certain hashtags she and her friends were using on Twitter. He really liked her though, and was trying to score her an even better position because he believed she should work for NASA. See! Not an entirely unhappy story.

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28. I get that roasting people online is fun, but you still have to be careful about it.

twitter | FCPSMaryland

Katie Nash was a school administrator and the one in charge of the school's Twitter account when a student tweeted at them begging for them for a snow day. Katie, in what she thought was a playful jest, took a dig at the student's spelling of the word 'tomorrow'. However, the higher-ups thought her tone was too harsh, and let her go for it.

When in doubt, maybe don't insult a child on the internet?

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29. No one is safe, not even famous comedians.

Twitter | @RealGilbert

Gilbert Gottfried, yes, that Gilbert Gottfried, was fired from his position at Aflac for the tweet above and a few others that made jokes about the 2011 Japan tsunami.

His position at Aflac? He voiced the Aflac duck. Yeah, really. By sticking to his brand of comedy, he was canned.

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30. A little anger can go a long way.


In a social media conversation gone totally overboard, Michigan firefighter Ryan Hudson was fired for going on a racist rant during a discussion about Colin Kaepernick with a woman named Tarvenia (pictured above).

During the conversation, Tarvenia mentioned the Black Lives Matter movement, which prompted Hudson to reply, "F*** Black Lives Matter. You are the epitome of a n***** and if you think it's just black lives kiss my a** b**** and go back to the fields that us in the north fought to free you from."

This seems like a lot of anger, which rightfully cost him his job.

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31. Putting in the work to deliver justice.

Twitter | @gehrig38

Curt Schilling was a pitcher for the Red Sox at the time of this tweet, where he's congratulating his daughter for deciding to attend and play softball at Salve Regina University. What ensued was madness.

Schilling got a number of extremely vulgar replies about his daughter, and after some work, wrote a long blog post outing these people, which got some of them fired.

Forget a two in one, Schilling wracked up a high score!

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32. There's tasteless, and then there's reaaaally tasteless.

Twitter | @grilodan

Dan Grilo, a former employee at the Liberty Advisor Group, lost his job when he decided to mock Carryn Owens on Twitter. Who's Carryn Owens? Well she was the widowed wife of fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens who was being honored by the president.

That was a big swing, and a big, big miss.

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33. You have to mess up big time if you get fired as a co-founder.

Rap Genius, now known as simply Genius, is a website for hosting and annotating lyrics to songs, among other things. In 2014, its co-founder Mahbod Moghadam was fired for annotating the content above into a line of Elliot Rodger's manifesto. Y'know, Elliot Rodger, the guy who went on a shooting spree that killed 6 people in California.

Why was a music website hosting and annotating a manifesto anyway?

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34. Maybe don't brand yourself as a bitter person if you're hoping to keep your job.

Bitter Barista

Matt Watson was a barista at a local coffee shop in Georgetown when he decided to create the blog Bitter Barista. It was filled with his musings about his job, most of which were incredibly rude, and some of which disregarded basic respect and safety like purposely ignoring peoples' allergies.

The blog went pretty viral, and he was fired for it not much later. Here's hoping he never works in food service again.

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35. In trying to vent, she wound up jobless.

Reddit | gateflan

Chelsea Welch was a server at Applebee's when she posted a photo of a receipt she received from a customer. The bill included an 18% gratuity for a tip, which was scribbled out and replaced with, "I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?"

The photo went viral and found its way t the person who left that receipt, Pastor Alois Bell, who called the restaurant and demand the worker be fired, which she was.

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36. This is why we keep our private lives extremely, securely private.

Twitter | @natsecwonk

Imagine leading a whole double life online so you can open insult people in your organization, and then getting caught for it.

That's what happened to Jofi Joseph, a former White House national security aide who tweeted under the account @natsecwonk, insulting everyone up and down the foreign policy board.

Of course the account was looked into, he was discovered, and promptly terminated.

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37. If pure, unprompted cruelty isn't a good reason to be fired, I don't know what is.


LaNaydra Williams was shocked one night to receive a Facebook notification from a stranger leaving the bottom comment in the photo above, an extremely threatening message directed at her daughter.

Confused as she was since she didn't know the man who left it, she went to his profile and discovered his name was Rodney Lee Wilson, and he worked as a police officer. Feeling as unsafe as she did, she reported him, and he was quickly fired.

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