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Dad Creates Bed Sheets That Double As Board Games For Kids In Hospitals

Sometimes the simplest ideas can have the biggest impact on someone's life.

One creative dad realized that kids in hospitals had very few options when it came to entertainment while they were resting in bed.

This realization led to him developing a line of bed sheets that double as board games.

Take a look at his inspiring invention.

Kevin Gatlin is a dad and entrepreneur from North Carolina.

After visiting his friend's son in the hospital, Kevin realized that there weren't a lot of activities available to children who were stuck recovering in a hospital bed.

This realization led him to developing Playtime Bed Sheets and Slumber Bags.

Each sheet set has about 50 activities like checkers, tic-tac-toe, and word searches printed directly on the sheets, pillow cases, and comforters.

With simple game pieces, or even coins or pieces of paper, children can play these fun games from the comfort of their bed while they recover.

Playtime Edventures

These colorful sheets also brighten up otherwise industrial-looking hospital rooms.

The sheet sets currently come in pink and blue versions.

The company also makes a line of sleeping bags, perfect for slumber parties or camping trips.

Playtime Bed Sheets has partnered with a number of children's hospitals, women's shelters, and international relief organizations.

Playtime Edventures

The company hopes that their product can create a calming distraction to children who could be facing difficult situations.

Customers can also help the company's mission by donating a set of sheets to a local hospital.

Playtime Edventures

You can purchase a set of sheets for a hospital in need through the company's website and they will donate it directly on your behalf. What an incredible idea!

Besides providing some much-needed fun, the games on these sheets are also educational.

Playtime Edventures

"I bought these for my son with autism, he prefers learning over playing, he has learned the entire sign language alphabet in just a few weeks. He loves the sheets, playing the games with his brothers and reading every word he sees!" wrote one Amazon customer in an online review.

In fact, these sheets are also gaining popularity with parents who are looking for ways to reduce their kids' screen time.

The fun and educational games promote playing and cognitive development. They're a great way to spend time together as a family.

It's amazing how a simple idea has helped so many children.

Thank you, Kevin, for your company's inspiring mission and for helping children have fun while they heal.

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