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Here's What The 'Parks And Rec' Cast Looks Like 10-Years-Later

Guys, are you ready to catch up with the happiest cast to ever hit television?

I thought so.

It's Parks and Rec's 10th anniversary this year, so the cast recently reunited to celebrate. Yup, there's still some good left in this world after all.

Spoiler alert: They're all wildly successful, duh.

Aubrey Plaza

YouTube | RPGFanVN, Instagram

Aubrey Plaza was 25 when she joined the cast of Parks and Recreation as everyone's favorite assistant, April Ludgate.

Since then, she's starred in films like The To Do List and the rebooted Child's Play.

She's also a regular on FX's Legion.

Nick Offerman

YouTube | RPGFanVN, Instagram

Nick Offerman's mustached Ron Swanson became one of the most beloved characters in TV, despite the fact that Ron would have hated that title.

These days, he kicks it with his wife, Megan Mullally, earned a Critic's Choice Award for his role in Fargo, and excels at dragging Donald Trump on Twitter.

Rob Lowe

YouTube | RPGFanVN, Instagram

Rob Lowe joined Parks and Rec at the end of its second season as the fitness-obsessed Chris Traegar.

He moved onto another series regular role after Parks. He joined Code Black, then landed his own show, The Lowe Files. He appears in that alongside his sons.


YouTube | RPGFanVN, Instagram

Queen of live-tweeting Retta was bumped up to a series regular on Parks and Rec in the third season. I can't imagine Pawnee without Donna.

Retta is currently starring in the series Good Girls.

Ben Schwartz

AV Club, Instagram | @rejectedjokes

Ben Schwartz' Jean-Ralphio became the king of gifs and lazy icon.

He does a great deal of voice work these days. He's worked on DuckTales, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Jim O'Heir

YouTube | RPGFanVN, Instagram

Jim O'Heir made bumbling Jerry (Terry) a loveable mess.

The sheer amount of things he's been in since Parks and Rec is nuts.

He won an Emmy for guest starring in The Bold and the Beautiful, took on Veep, and Brooklyn 99, and even hung out with Bill Nye in Bill Nye Saves the World.

Amy Poehler


Amy Poehler's film career skyrocketed after her turn as feminist icon, Leslie Knope.

She recently co-created and produced Netflix's _Russian Doll, and executive produced Broad City and Difficult People.

She also won an Emmy for her turn hosting SNL in 2016.

Aziz Ansari

YouTube | RPGFanVN, Instagram

Aziz's entrepreneurial Tom Haverford wormed his way into hearts with his sheer determination to make something of himself.

Aziz created, writes, and stars in Netflix's Master of None, where he earned an Emmy for his performance in 2016 and 2017.

Chris Pratt

YouTube | RPGFanVN, Instagram

Chris Pratt went from loveable doofus Andy Dwyer to a bonafide action hero.

He splits his time between two major franchises: Guardians of the Galaxy, where he plays Star-Lord, and the Jurassic World trilogy.

Megan Mullally

TV Guide, Instagram | @meganomullally

Megan Mullally was nothing short of comedic brilliance when she appeared alongside her on-screen (and off-screen) husband, Nick Offerman, as Tammy.

She is back on TV in the revived Will & Grace. She and Nick are great at building puzzles.

Rashida Jones

YouTube | RPGFanVN

Oh Ann, you beautiful, tropical fish.

Rashida Jones left Parks and Recreation in its sixth season. Since then, she has taken up directing. She won a Grammy for her work on her documentary about her father, Quincy Jones, called Quincy.

Paul Schneider

YouTube | LeslieKnopeRocks, Instagram

Paul Schneider spent two seasons as Leslie's first Parks and Rec love interest, Mark Brendanawicz.

He's now on Broadway. He began his run in _ Straight White Men_ in 2018, to good reviews from The New York Times as to his performance.

Adam Scott

YouTube | RPGFanVN, Instagram

Like Rob Lowe, Adam Scott's Ben Wyatt was only supposed to be a guest role. He obviously grew to be much more than that, huh?

He recently appeared in Big Little Lies, and starred in the series Ghosted alongside Craig Robinson.

Jenny Slate

Parks and Rec Wiki, Instagram | @jennyslate

Jenny Slate's Mona-Lisa joined her twin, Jean-Ralphio, in the gif legendary league.

She's appeared in House of Lies, Bob's Burgers, and Zootopia. She now does voice work on Netflix's Big Mouth.

Billy Eichner

TV Guide, Instagram | @billyeichner

Billy on the Street! Billy Eichner's Craig joined the Parks and Rec family in season 6, becoming a full-time regular in season 7.

He still does his wildly popular show, Billy on the Street, alongside his other projects.

He also was featured in American Horror Story and Amy Poehler's Difficult People.