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There's A 'Grease' Prequel In The Works And Nobody Wants It

When I realized there's a Grease prequel in the works, my initial reaction was: 'Tell me more, tell me more'.

But the deeper I dug, the more my enthusiasm disintegrated into a heaping pile of disappointment.

Why can't they just let Sandy and Danny have that one summer? Why must they incessantly try so hard to re-create something they managed to get right the first time around? It's insufferable.

I'd like to point out that they've tried to make a "Grease" sequel in the past, and it bombed so hard that many of us haven't even heard of it.


Yeah. It was that bad.

Have they learned nothing?!

Now they're trying again, but from a different approach.

Remember when Danny and Sandy were telling their friends about the romantic summer they had?

That's what the prequel is going to be about.

"Summer Loving" is going to weave the tale of that fateful day when Danny met Sandra Dee.

On paper, this sounds like an amazing idea. But bringing something like this to life and making it believable is going to be the real challenge.

I bet you're wondering, "who's in charge of this inevitable train-wreck?"


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has chosen Big Fish writer, John August, to take the reigns on the script.

If you recall, "Big Fish" was a pretty great movie. So, maybe the "Grease" prequel is in good hands after all?


Is the story of how Danny and Sandy met better left untold? Or is this going to tie everything together perfectly in ways we never knew we wanted?

Only time will tell.

There is still no telling who the cast will be, which is a pretty key piece of information — a deciding factor, if you will, on whether or not this project will be a success or not.

One wrong move and this whole thing could go up in flames.

They also haven't revealed whether or not this movie is going to be a musical or not, like its progenitor.

This is a make or break decision.

Tampering with the sanctity of a classic is a bold and risky move.


It can be nothing less than automatic, systematic, hydromatic — why, it's gotta be greased lightning — otherwise it will just be another film casualty.

Anyway, I'm sure you can guess that "Grease" fans aren't too thrilled about this prequel idea.


Some think that it's entirely unnecessary for there to be a prequel about something we already learned about in the original movie.

One user wrote that we don't need a prequel because how they met was explained in the song "Summer Nights".


They had a blast, it happened so fast, he met a girl "crazy for me" and she met a boy "cute as can be".

We know this already.

This fan tweeted that making a "Grease" prequel is a bad idea.

And they were very far from alone.

When IMDb tweeted, asking fans who they think should play Danny and Sandy in the prequel, one fan replied "no-one".

Adding that Hollywood needs to stop making sequels, prequels, and reboots and start generating new ideas instead.

Another person politely asked for a "Grease" prequel not to be made.

While some may have taken the strong-armed approach to protest this movie, this person chose not to rule out killing them with kindness — I respect that.

"Hi, can we not make a prequel to Grease? Thank you," they wrote.

"Why do we need this?," one fan tweeted.

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"What's there to [expletive] say we got the [expletive] grease prequel in the first 10 minutes of the movie," they added — referring to the very start of Grease when they show Danny and Sandy saying goodbye after spending the summer together.

This person wants to know if they've learned anything from the great "Grease 2" disaster of 1982.

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Anyways, big congratulations to John August for landing this gig — we're all hoping it pans out better than expected.

Let us know what you think of the Grease prequel project, Summer Loving.