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23 Simple Lifehacks For Your Everyday Problems

I come across a lot of hacks every day. Sometimes the hacks are repetitive, but it's my favorite when I stumble across a bunch of hacks I've never seen before. It's especially exciting if those hacks are actually useful for solving everyday problems!

Some of these solutions are ones you've been searching for, usually for a while. Others might even solve problems you didn't know you had. Regardless of which it is, they're simple, easy, and definitely helpful!

A pushpin and a paper clip are your frame hanging BFFs.

Twitter | @AllieTippen

I love hanging things using pushpins! It's so much easier than getting out a hammer and nail. Using a paper clip to hang it is genius, though!

Can't get the last of your Pringles out of the container?!

Twitter | @BloddyPanckes

Use a piece of paper to bring them to the top. You'll never get your arm stuck in a Pringles container ever again. Problem solved!

This is an old-school hack brought to you by a pair of grandparents.

Twitter | @SmokedPaprikaa

This is actually a brick that was heated in the fireplace, wrapped in newspaper, then wrapped in a towel. Apparently, it keeps you warm and toasty all night long.

If you've never used a mesh laundry bag, you're missing out.

Twitter | @IceyM_95

You know how bra hooks and straps seem to always get stuck on EVERYTHING?! These bags are how you don't ruin a $70 piece of cloth.

I love a good outdoor wedding, but if you're going to be walking on grass in heels, watch out!

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It kind of seems silly, but adding half a piece of cork to the bottom of your heels will stop them from going into the ground! It's oddly kind of cute, too!

Fruit flies are disgusting, and they seem to come out of nowhere!

Fabulously Frugal | Fabulously Frugal

Pour a bit of apple cider vinegar into a mason jar and cover it with plastic wrap. Poke a few holes in it so the fruit flies can get in, but they won't actually be able to get out! They'll be attracted to the vinegar, but can't escape!

When you're sick and delirious, the last thing you want to do is fiddle with a childproof cap.

Twitter | Twitter

Instead, just cut it open. I'd probably use a pair of scissors after making a small indent with a knife, but just be careful with it, okay?!

Get yourself a folding water bottle, the perfect summer hack!

Amazon | Alaudae

Honestly, this is such a great idea for camping or a summer festival. I like to travel light, and this is so easy to pack!

Tired of chaffing all summer long? I know I am!

Twitter | @the_alih

Put a little bit of deodorant anywhere the chaffing really burns. It'll help create less friction, and therefore a lot less pain.

Stop invasive plants from taking over your garden by leaving it in a plastic planter, but removing the bottom.

Listotic | Listotic

It'll help control how far and wide the plant grows within the garden!

I didn't realize how often I'd use a funnel until I had one!

Reddit | Anonymousconfidence

But if you're in a pinch, a water bottle can be the perfect funnel for any job. It literally takes 10 seconds to make!

You know how when you toast your bread, the side touching the plate gets soggy due to the heat?

Reddit | ineval

Just let them cool down a bit like this to avoid it!

I lovveeee cookies and milk!

Twitter | @bryanbaise

But I hate that to really get the cookie submerged you also have to dunk your hand into the milk. Instead, just use a fork to help you out! Honestly, this is genius!

This is one of the best hacks I've ever seen!

Sunlit Spaces | Sunlit Spaces

My rug is always moving all over the apartment because our dog likes to run around and pull it up. This might be the perfect solution!

Don't have a cookie rack, but need to cool your cookies?

Reddit | FatalErrorOccurred

A few skewers laid out over a plate is any easy alternative to a cookie rack! It pretty much works exactly the same way!

Got a stain on your clothes and you aren't sure how to get it out?

YouTube | LifeHackster

Spraying some hairspray on it and rubbing the stain will have your clothes looking as good as new!

Glue sticks are more all-purpose than I thought!

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If you get a bug bite, you can rub a glue stick on it to get rid of the itch! Maybe you can even do some crafts on the side with it later.

Have a clogged toilet but no plunger?

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You can use hot water and salt to break up your clog after letting it sit for a few minutes. Or you can pour dish soap in and let it sit for 20–30 minutes.

Do your flowers start to wilt between the time you buy them and when you bring them home?

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Put the stems in some hot water and leave them in there until the water becomes room temperature. This will revive them.

You can get splinters at any time, and they're always tricky to get out.

Imgur | Imgur

If you have a bottle with a wide brim and can fill it with hot water almost to the top, the suction and steam will help pull the splinter out.

For us crafty people, glitter is something we use a lot of.

Srudut | Srudut

It can get everywhere and is very hard to clean up. If you use a lint roller, it will pick up those pesky little sparkles with ease.

Everyone loves ice cream, but I think we'd all prefer it in our tummies and not all over our hands.

Life Hacker | Life Hacker

Stick a marshmallow at the bottom of the cone to keep melted ice cream from getting everywhere!

One of the biggest worries for summer parties is having enough ice for the drinks.

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Ease your fears with frozen water balloons! When they melt, you can pop them back in the freezer and you won't have water all over the place!

So, what do you think of these super simple, but super useful hacks?!

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