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8+ Times Jeffree Star Iconically Shaded The Kardashians

Jeffree Star? Iconic. Makeup mastermind. Full blown legend. Revolutionary.

The Kar/Jens? Iconic. Makeup masterminds. Full blown legends. Revolutionary.

Naturally, such powerful forces are bound to clash, and they have. Quite a few times, actually. Let's take a stroll down memory lane and recall all the times Jeffree shaded the Kar/Jens and made this world a better place.

1. Jeffree shades Kyle Cosmetics (April 2016)

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Jeffree takes great care in his cosmetics line so naturally when Kylie dipped her toe in the makeup game back in 2016, Jeffree was gonna call a sister out for some janky-ass applicator brushes.

Jeffree's tweet got a lot of social media attention, causing hilarious replies from Jeffree's subbies.

To Kylie's credit, she ended up replacing everyone's lip glosses from that initial shipment with better brushes!

2. Jeffree shades Kylie Cosmetics AGAIN (May 2016)

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In an interview with Racked just a month after the shady tweet, Jeffree clapped back at Kylie loyalists, saying "If the product didn't suck, I wouldn't have anything to say."


3. Jeffree calls out Kim Kardashian's tragic attempt at swatching her new KKW beauty powders (August 2017)

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Sensing a theme with Jeffree? He's clapping back at any and all makeup fails — these struggle swatches included.

Kim took it in stride though, posting this video to her Instagram story.

"Because of his remarks I'm learning from the best!"

4. Jeffree DESTROYS Kylie's Christmas brush kit (December 2017)

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This $360 brush roll caused much controversy upon its release, with YouTubers judging the set very harshly, including you guessed it Jeffree Starr!

Since Jeffree is a cosmetic company owner, he knows all about merchandise markups, cost of production etc., so he's very critical of super expensive brands.

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Jeffree's criticisms included "basic looking," "tinfoil," and "Dollar Tree."

5. Jeffree accuses Kylie of stealing his packaging design (December 2017)

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Now, we love the shade range of these Kylie Cosmetic concealers, but what we don't love is the blatant design THEFT.

6. Jeffree confirms he's been kicked off of Kylie's PR list (April 2018)

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In his video reviewing Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty x Mario collab, Jeffree confirms he's been kicked off Kylie's PR list but still remains on Kim's.

Jeffree starts the video by saying "Now, I know you shady bitches thought that just like Kylie, Kim took me off the PR list – she can actually take some criticism."

7. Jeffree calls Kylie Cosmetics "lack luster" (July 2018)

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In the now iconic Jeffree video FULL FACE OF BRANDS THAT HATE ME, Jeffree says he's "over" Kylie Cosmetics.

"It's not exciting anymore, it's kind of lack luster and I'm just kind of over the brand at the moment."

8. Jeffree claps back at Khloé Kardashian amidst Jordyn Woods + Tristan Thomspson cheating scandal (March 2019)

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After KoKo went off on Twitter at Jordyn Woods, Jeffree asked her to "Stop acting like your man isn't trash either... thank you, now shut up."

Now let's be real, Jeffree was doing the Lord's work here.

9. Jeffree shades ENTIRE Kar/Jen family, calling them boring (March 2019)

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In regards to the Jordyn Woods scandal and the slander KoKo was spewing on social media about, Jeffree said, "I feel like we gotta vent as people, as a culture, like, there is so many more important things to worry about.. I'm so bored of these people."

10. Jeffree shades Kylie's Forbes feature, who called her the "youngest self made billionaire ever" (March 2019)

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It all started when the damn Dictionary came for Kylie FIRST on Twitter.

Jefrree then replied with the cherry on top of this petty pie, and we were so ready to take a bite.

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"I declined the feature so they had to pick someone..." he wrote.

All that's left to say is thank you Jeffree for keeping things *so* deliciously shady.

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I can't wait to see the next iconic Kar/Jen drag.