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9+ Prom Fails That Almost Ruined That Magical Night

Prom can be a fantastic memory for many years to come. But imagine if something goes wrong and ends up almost ruining your special night? Don't you just hate when that happens?

Check out these #PromFails to ensure you take all the necessary steps to prevent this from happening to you.

1. Are Ambulances The New Limos?

Okay, now I've seen everything. Why would anyone want to go to prom in an ambulance? This is just a whole other level of extra.

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2. When Rejection Hurts

Ohhhhh, I feel so bad for this poor dude. He asked his crush to the prom and it totally backfired. And it was all on tape!

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3. When Your Dream Dress Comes Up Short

Those online photos can be so deceiving. I guess this is why you shouldn't try ordering a desk from China to try and save some money on prom.

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4. Spell It Out

In this case, the rejection matches the promposal. Did he actually think she would say yes to this? Try harder next time, buddy.

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5. When Your Dream Dress Arrives From China

I hope she didn't have to pay extra to overnight this!!! Ha ha ha. Let this be a lesson to all.

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6. There's Always The Third Option

This guy was pretty confident that his crush was going to say yes. Maybe too confident. Such a savage response.

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7. When Your Prom Date Pays Too Much Attention To Your Assets

I hope this guy shaped up throughout the night. Otherwise, I feel so bad for his date.

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8. When You Wear Matching Outfits

Matching outfits can be such a cool trend with couples. Just make sure your outfit doesn't end up wearing you. Is this too much?

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9. When Your Family Fails You

Homeschooling can be an alienating experience for some kids. But it's always wonderful when your family is there for you. Or maybe not!

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10. Those Darn Escalators

So you thought it would be cool to take fun prom shots riding the escalator... and then her dress gets caught. Better have a backup plan.

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11. When Your Potential Date Runs Away

Talk about running away from confrontation. I feel so bad for this guy but I just can't stop laughing. I know I'm bad.

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12. Dad Strikes Again

I hope for his sake that his date wasn't around when this awesome dad was trying to take a picture. Do you see what I see?

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13. All For One And One For All

I have to give it to this group for sticking together to cross this rickety bridge. At least they all go down together.

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Who knew that going to the prom can be such a production.

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My only advice would be to stay calm and always get a second opinion to avoid disappointment.

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