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Mom Shuts Down Instagram Troll Who Called Her Postpartum Stomach 'Nasty'

Many women struggle to love and accept their postpartum bodies. That's why body-positive influencers on social media are such powerful role models in many moms' lives.

One of those influencers is now being applauded for her ability to gracefully shut down a troll who tried to shame her post-baby body.

We honestly need more inspirational women like this out there!

Kristyn Dingman is a body-positive blogger and photographer.

She shares a ton of honest updates through her website Mrs. Dingman Mama and her Instagram account.

After getting married in 2016, Kristyn and her husband welcomed their baby boy, Benjamin, in 2018.

Kristyn isn't afraid to get real about how her body has changed since giving birth to Benjamin.

Even though she is incredibly body-positive now, that wasn't always the case.

"When I was younger, I used to think I was so fat. No matter how I dressed I still had this negativity," she said in one Instagram post.

However, the birth of her baby changed everything.

"I was learning to prioritize my life. I found that my family, husband and passions were more important than worrying about how I compared to others," she said.

Now Kristyn hopes to inspire others through her honest photos and blog posts.

She has embraced her postpartum body — stretch marks, cellulite, and her weight gain — and wants to show others that its okay to not look like the models we see on TV.

For Kristyn, she sees her stretch marks as a gift and she is fortunate to have them.

She said she knows that there are so many women out there who struggle to get pregnant, and she was lucky enough to go through that experience.

"Where there is a person who wishes they could get rid of their stretch marks from pregnancy, there is another who would give anything to have them at all," she said.

Even though Kristyn is so positive, the haters and trolls still come after her.

One person commented on her Instagram, "Your stomach is so nasty. Why don't you take care of your body? How can you be confident and sexy when you look like that?"

Kristyn's response was perfect.

" My time and energy can’t be waisted [sic] on Trolls. I have so many reasons to be happy and the negative words that get thrown at me will never bring me down," she said.

Many are praising Kristyn for how she handled this negative comment.

Instagram | @mrsdingman.mama

I'm honestly amazed at how Kristyn was able to remain calm and not stoop to the troll's level. She is an inspiring force who truly believes in the power of positivity.

We can't applaud Kristyn enough for her powerful response.

Instagram | @mrsdingman.mama

It's a shame that women still want to try and tear other women down. Let's follow Kristyn's lead and commit to empowering each other and lifting others up.