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Twitter Is Roasting Kourtney Kardashian's Lifestyle Site 'Poosh' For Catering To 'Rich, White Women'

Ever since the Kardashian apps died because they were useless and no one wanted to keep paying $10 a month for irrelevant content Kourtney has clearly been kraving a kreative outlet for all her lifestyle tips.

So, when Kourt began teasing @poosh on her social accounts, fans couldn't help but wonder what the hell was going on!

Well guys, the wait is over — Poosh is here!

Instagram | @kourtneykardashian

Kourt has posted many pics of herself looking hard at work on this lifestyle website. Personally, IDK what that "Modern To Classic" book has to offer her new website, but let's take a gander and see!

Right off the bat we absolutely have a typo, so that's fun.


I hate having a bad rep, or receiving a bad wrap so I can still relate to this.

Poosh is just a lot of nekkid photos of Kourt.


As well as some deconstructed salad recipes, or as I like to call it, simply a plate of food!

The best part is this section on avocados that reads like Kourtney truly invented avo-toast.


Try spreading half a ripe avocado on a piece of whole grain toast ... so you mean Avo-toast, Kourt. It's called Avo-toast.

Fans started to poke fun at Kourt and her "Poosh"— because even if you love her, this website is insane.

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It just gives off a lot of older, rich, white lady vibes mixed with a whole lot of expensive recommendations, like this $75 handcrafted glass William Yeoward Classic Juice Carafe.

It's just a lot of talk about avocados, tbh.

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And like, we love avocados, but these lil' greenies had their moment back in 2017. It's all about turmeric now.

I mean, can anyone afford to just DUMP a $70 dollar bottle of champs like this? 'Cause I sure as hell can't!

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I get sad enough when my two week old Merlot accidentally slips out of my wine glass into the bathtub.

Still, some people are defending Kourtney and her krazy antics because well, it's Kourtney.

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Maybe we all just need to GET TF OVER IT and cry in poor!