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There's A Really Dark Conspiracy Theory Suggesting That Meghan Markle Isn't Pregnant

If you venture into the deepest darkest reaches of the internet, you can find some pretty disturbing stuff.

Just a heads up, this is the kind of twisted conspiracy theory that you can never unsee once you read it.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Here I was, all this time, assuming that everyone loved Meghan Markle as much as I do.

Apparently, I have been naive because little did I know, there are a massive group anti-Markle trolls out there solely dedicated to proving that she isn't who we think she is.

Yes, I know — people have far too much time on their hands.

Before we get into this, I would like to take a moment to remind you of all the reasons we love Meghan Markle — it's only fair.

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She was an actress on the show Suits, and somehow managed to charm the pants off (literally) Prince Harry, marry into the royal family becoming the Duchess of Sussex, all the while, not conforming to every royal family rule imposed on her.

And need I remind you that she is a freaking style icon?

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If I were pregnant I would probably wear nothing but stretchy waistband joggers, oversized men's t-shirts, and Crocs, with a tub of Ben & Jerry's in my hand at all times to accessorize.

Meghan, on the other hand, has been slaying since day one. I'm talking high heels, midi dresses, clutches — you name it.

Anyways, you get the picture. Meghan seems basically flawless at all times and she's living the life every girl has dreamed of since the day they discovered Disney princesses.

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But in the era of the world wide web, it's very easy to come up with paranoid theories and find others to agree with you.

So, without further ado, here are what some people think about the duchess' pregnancy.

There is hashtag on Twitter known as #MoonBump.

The name of the hashtag itself is pretty unassuming. But if you do a little investigating, it turns out to be rather disconcerting.

The whole theory of the hashtag is that Meghan's pregnancy is a sham.

Within the hashtag are even more hashtags, like, #Megxit and #DuchessofDeception.

Essentially, they believe that Meghan is wearing a fake baby bump.

Users will share zoomed in photos of Meghan since she has been showing, trying to indicate, what they believe is proof of her wearing a prosthesis.

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It may seem ridiculous, but the rumor is spreading rapidly. According to research orchestrated by Brandwatch, approximately 1.5 million people have seen the hashtag #MoonBump.

16% of mentions on Twitter regarding Meghan Markle's pregnancy, are ones questioning the authenticity of it.

This person shared a video of Meghan recently walking towards a fan.

They point out that the way her stomach moves is proof that her pregnancy is fake because "you cannot photoshop video!"

Another user shared an entire list of all the reasons why people are questioning the legitimacy of her pregnancy.

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Allegedly, Meghan's bump has been changing sizes, shifting from being carried high to low, her age puts her pregnancy at high risk, and she has been wearing high heels and getting lip fillers.

Again, this is all alleged.

Some think that her belly swinging from side to side when she walks, and changing sizes is a clear indication that her pregnancy is fake.

They've also noticed that she often crouches down and her belly squishes, making it appear unnatural.

This person shared a photo of Meghan's pregnancy belly just days apart.

Insinuating that her stomach appeared larger in the older photo and somehow shrunk just days later.

Others believe that Meghan is secretly using a surrogate, but pretending that she's pregnant anyway.

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"This pregnancy looks so fake," they wrote, adding "there is nothing wrong with using a surrogate or not being able to have kids but it is wrong to lie to so many people."

"Meg, we know that you are not actually pregnant," another person wrote.

"Did you really think you could fool anyone with this jelly belly of yours?" they continued, referencing the way Meghan's belly jiggles in the accompanying video.

This person called Meghan a "faker".

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They also pointed out that Kensington Palace has never, "not once" come forward with a statement denying the allegations of Meghan's faked pregnancy.

Others have pointed out the "crease" line shown in some of Meghan's outfits.

Of course, this crease could be there for a number of reasons — let's not rule out underwear?

Do you think Meghan has been faking her pregnancy and using a surrogate behind the scenes? Let us know your thoughts!