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The New 'Joker' Trailer Shows Joaquin Phoenix As The Most Disturbing Joker Yet

For months and months, fans have been eagerly awaiting any glimmer of promotion for the new Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix.

The new trailer just dropped, and fans are already applauding it.

The world has known many Jokers over the years.


The most recent Joker, played by Jared Leto, had many fans divided over his performance. Not everybody was convinced.

Historically, the late Heath Ledger has been coined at the most iconic Joker to date.


And that's definitely not changing anytime soon. Heath's performance is always going to be regarded as one of the best.

But after seeing the trailer for the new "Joker" movie, we're convinced that this is the most disturbing Joker yet.

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As far as we can tell with a two-minute trailer, Joaquin Phoenix was a perfect casting choice.

For a large part of the trailer, we see him pre-Joker.

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And watching him spiral into madness is giving us chills.

Fans are already giving the trailer some much deserved praise.

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The movie hits theatres on October 4th.

Are you going to be watching?