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Epic Standoff Over Parking Spot Gets Live-Tweeted By Bystander

Parking spots are contentious. Personally, I'd rather just walk a little bit farther from my spot than get in a standoff over a closer one, but in some neighborhoods that isn't an option.

Even if there are spots elsewhere, some people just really want that good spot and are willing to go to great lengths to get it.

It probably looked to be a boring night before Twitter user @Mrhflrs noticed the standoff outside her window.

Twitter | @Mrhflrs

Her first post was 10 minutes after the standoff over what she describes as a prime spot started.

She probably thought it would go on for a bit longer, they'd laugh at it, and the night would go back to normal.

Twitter | @Mrhflrs


Nearly twenty minutes after her first post, black car and silver car are still at it, even though they're blocking traffic and causing near collisions.

Even through honking, blocked traffic, and increasing darkness, they were still at it an hour later.

Twitter | @Mrhflrs

Around 7:19, a spot across the street opened up, but by this point both Black and Silver were in this for the long haul.

But then there was a plot twist!

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The silver hatchback that had been parked in the next spot left, leaving no excuse for Black to do anything but pull ahead and give up the contested space to Silver.

But there was no way either driver was going to be the loser here.

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They both got to park, but stayed in their cars for more than twenty minutes before Silver finally gave up and left their car.

After both drivers were gone, @Mrhflrs decided to leave them both cards.

Twitter | @Mrhflrs

To Silver, she wrote that their resilience was inspiring. To Black, she admitted to being on their side the whole time.

She even made a special gmail account in hopes of getting their sides of the story.

Personally, I'm with her: Black was in the right.

Twitter | @Mrhflrs

Assuming that they were properly signalling their intention, Black was parallel parking the right way, by pulling ahead of the space before backing in.

People who try to swoop in from behind during the tricky maneuver are monsters.

Did @Mrhflrs really spend her evening watching cars not move?

Yes, but she did it for our enjoyment and she even got the nod from social media maven Chrissy Teigen. I'd say that's a pretty good result!