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12+ Powerful Pics From This Week That Left Us Stunned

Sometimes it's tough to keep up with everything that happens around the world in a given week. It might be too much of a time commitment to scour back issues of newspapers, but you know what isn't time-consuming? Scrolling through this list of fascinating trending photos.

It's spring, which means winter is coming.

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Yes, after a long wait, everyone's geared up for the final half of the final season of Game of Thrones. To mark the event, HBO hid iron thrones all over the place, which Redditors have been finding in recent days.

Emergency stop.

Reddit | Cinema7D

I guess this is what it looks like when a bird decides to throw on the brakes in mid-flight. You can almost see the look of panic in this pigeon's eyes.

In the Miocene Era, turtle eats you.

Reddit | OgaGhost

Prehistoric creatures are fascinating, but I'm glad we live in the 21st century — if only because there's no threat of gigantic turtles eating you, like there apparently was 10 million years ago.

When the 80's passes you by.

Reddit | eshai122

I don't know what they're on the way to, but anything that draws the attention of the Ghostbusters and Knight Rider and Doc Brown's DeLorean has to be pretty significant.

Dream on.

Reddit | migWEL87

This message was put up on signs by Utah's Department of Transportation on April 1st...presumably because anyone who thinks speeders will slow down and drive safely must be an April Fool.

Ghost train?

Reddit | BaronHarkonnen81

It looks like this train has jumped into hyperspace, but the cool effect is just a product of taking a long exposure pic. The train isn't visible, but all of its lights are.

I heard we were doing long exposures...

Reddit | shatteredankle

Same deal, different results. These rock climbers attached colorful LED lights to themselves and scaled this face, all while a camera took a long exposure shot. The results are impressively colorful.

Well played, Lego.

Reddit | O1oll

Leave it to the Lego experts at the flagship Lego store in Manhattan to create such a picture-perfect version of the distracted boyfriend meme...only this time, everyone's super blocky.

All in all you're just another layer in the cake.

Reddit | pinkfloydwall9

The rainbow layers of this dark chocolate cake are aesthetically appealing any way you slice it, but the fact that they're incorporated into a Pink Floyd-themed birthday cake is downright genius.


Reddit | Snacksmith

"All the nurses came in and sang to my mom, and gave her a cake for her last day of chemo treatment," wrote the Redditor who posted this heartwarming photo.

How do I get those genes?

Reddit | merd2k

Patrick Stewart first played Captain Picard more than thirty years ago. Apparently, he just stopped aging altogether, because these two pics were taken three freakin' decades apart. What's his secret??

I bless the rains.

Reddit | ethan_khan

This breathtaking photo of Zimbabwe is just perfect. From the different animals on display to the stunning sky, it looks like something straight out of The Lion King.

I'm afraid.

Reddit | WelshRedneck7

Mako sharks are big. You'd never want to run into one in the open ocean. The fact that this mako shark was literally bit in half by something bigger is downright terrifying.

Hope in the rubble.

Reddit | houssemPx1

Years of conflict have taken their toll on Syria, where many families have seen their neighborhoods reduced to piles of rubble. Here, parents find a way to put on a puppet show despite the circumstances.

Spring cleaning.

Reddit | aaahbee

Yeah, spring cleaning is usually an inside-the-house thing, but it's also a great chance to do some cleaning up outside. All sorts of Redditors pitched in last week using the hashtag #trashtag.

A whole new world.

Reddit | Bonelesszeeebra

The versatility of nature is incredible sometimes. Long ago, a tree was cut down so its wood could be used for fence posts. Now, those fence posts hold all kinds of life.

My kind of dinner.

Reddit | Mr_Curtis_Loew

"Every month I guess date night," explained the Redditor who posted this. "Today my fiance threw me off and told me to dress in my best outfit. Now we feast on Taco Bell."

Stranger rings.

Reddit | unknown_human

David Harbour became a bit of a breakout star with Stranger Things, and now he's...performing wedding ceremonies while dressed in his costume from the show. It's a little weird, but I like it.


Reddit | Jelle10Messi

There's really nothing not to like here. Sure, the centerpiece of the photo is an adorable hedgehog. But if you can appreciate the sights of Paris or autumnal weather, you'll find other stuff to like here.

Thank goodness it's spring.

Reddit | simonsky

This pic was taken at Riksgränsen, a ski resort in Sweden. They had an astounding 13 feet of snow, but compared to the guy in the pic, it looks more like 30.