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Some Nigerians Are Having Pizzas Flown 4,000 Miles From Britain As A Sign Of Status

Lynne Versluys 2 Apr 2019

This strange habit is the new status symbol among the super-rich in Nigeria.

Weird Flex But OK

Unsplash | Nadya Spetnitskaya

The habits of the super-rich can seem strange and excessive to the Average Joe, and the latest stunt being pulled by the wealthiest Nigerians seems to be one of the weirdest yet.

According to reports, they are ordering pizzas from England, flying them back to Nigeria on British Airways, and having them delivered the next day.

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Foreign Imports As Status Symbols

Flickr | R.K.C. Photography

That 4,000 mile flight is seen as a status symbol and a way to prove your extreme wealth in a trivial way.

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The Nigerian Agricultural Minister Weighs In

Audu Ogbeh, Nigeria's minister of agriculture, raised the issue in a Senate meeting last week, informing everyone present of the latest trendy flex. He's not a fan.

"Do you know, sir, that there are Nigerians who use their cellphones to import pizza from London? [They] buy in London, they bring it on British Airways in the morning to pick up at the airport."

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An Annoying Situation

Unsplash | Ronaldo de Oliveira

Ogbeh continued, presenting this new practice in a very negative light.

"It is a very annoying situation, and we have to move a lot faster in cutting down some of these things."

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Hurts Local Farmers

Unsplash | Anda Ambrosini

Ogbeh condemned people importing basic necessities, because "it shows status, class, that they only eat imported things."

Not even including the environmental impact of air travel, this practice really hurts local farmers who rely on the local economy.

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Twitter's Got Jokes

Of course, Twitter took this as an opportunity to make jokes, asking for an app for this new international delivery system. Nothing like aiding in the regression of a national economy to inspire your latest viral tweet!

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