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You Can Now Solve A Murder Mystery On A Train In Wine Country

If you grew up playing games like Clue, or watching Unsolved Mysteries on TV, then this one's for you. If you're into wine, this one's even more for you.

There's a murder mystery train wending its way through the hills of Napa Valley — and it sounds absolutely epic.

The train makes excellent use of its setting.

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Napa Valley is renowned for producing some of the best wines in the world, but it's also a stunning part of California. The Napa Wine Train takes you through these rolling hills.

There's intrigue...

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The passenger carriages of the train aren't standard Amtrak grade. Instead, they're lavishly appointed in the style of the 1920s. Stepping onto the train is like taking a trip back to the Prohibition era.

There's also wine.

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You can't call something the Napa Wine Train and not have wine — that'd just be cruel. Passengers on the Wine Train will be treated to a sumptuous dinner, including plenty of Napa wines.

Can you solve the mystery?

Napa Valley Wine Train

Passengers who aren't too caught up in the surroundings (or the wine) can immerse themselves in the custom-made murder mystery. The three-hour trip offers thrills and chills, turning a train trip into a whodunit.

Here are the deets...

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Passengers will be treated to "three gourmet courses of fine California" cuisine after they step on board. "You'll just solve a murder on the side," says the site. "We hear it pairs nicely with a smooth pinot noir."

You can go all-out.

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The Wine Train site notes that you can feel free to dress in 1920s finery, including tassel suits, pinstripe suits and fedoras. Those who aren't as into the costuming can feel free to dress as a "plainclothes private detective."

The entertainment starts at the station.

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Things get underway before passengers even board the train. Check-in starts at 5:30, the show starts at 5:50 sharp, and passengers board the train ten minutes later. Over the next three hours, they'll be tasked with solving a puzzling mystery.

Who's the suspect?

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"Onboard, potential suspects are everywhere, but no one's talking," teases the site. "Jealous, jilted lovers. A rival Mafioso. A pair of undercover feds. Who's on the level and who's on the lam?"

Can it be solved?

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Reading between the lines, it doesn't sound like cracking the case is a gimme, exactly. Passengers will have to observe things closely and compare clues in order to solve the mystery before the train returns to the station.

It's just one of several experiences.

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If solving a full-blown murder mystery sounds a little bit hectic for what should be a soothing train journey through Napa, the Wine Train's got plenty of other options.

There's a straightforward tour.

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On Saturday evenings, the Wine Train embarks on a two-hour tour of Napa Valley. This package also includes a closed-door VIP tour of the renowned Grgich Hills Estate winery, as well as dinner (and wine!).

It all sounds pretty romantic.

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Sure, the murder mystery and the winery tour/rail trip both sound like a fun date night for couples. But for those who want things to be super romantic, there's the aptly-named "Romance on the Rails" option.

This one comes with a view.

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I mean, the other rail trips sound pretty scenic as well, but Romance on the Rails takes things to another level — literally — with an experience in the two-storey Vista Dome, which gives an incredible 360-degree view of the surrounding countryside.

There's always something going on with the Wine Train.

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It doesn't necessarily depart every day, but all three of its events are available multiple times throughout the year, in all seasons. If you're in the area, chances are good there'll be something to do.

What say you, wine lovers?

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Does this sound like an awesome way to explore Napa, or would you rather keep things simple and straightforward by just visiting wineries and not doing the train stuff? Let us know in the comments!

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