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11+ Thrift Store Finds That Seem Too Weird To Be True

Doesn't it feel amazing when you casually stumble upon something truly unique when browsing at a thrift store? Sometimes what seems like one person's trash can be another one's treasure. Or there are those times when great things get donated to thrift stores and then find a new home.

I'm talking about those times here today. Check out the following items that ended up being a huge score for the lucky recipient.

1. A Child's Dream

Reddit | Chet_Randerson

This awesome special edition Lego set was found at a thrift store. And even though the package was opened everything was still intact inside. Amazing find!

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2. Creepy Slippers

Reddit | premiumcrook

Why these freakishly weird slippers ended up at a thrift store is anyone's guess. I'm guessing they were creeping out someone so they had to go.

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3. Grow A Baby

Reddit | 3ffingawesome

Talk about creepy finds. Check out this unbelievable invention. Apparently, I will grow inside the egg and come out looking pretty scary if you ask me.

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4. Stuffed Animal

Reddit | Maptothesharts

How about displaying this in your house? I'm not too sure what this is supposed to be all about but it sure looks interesting. Buy or pass?

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5. An Unpleasant Surprise

Reddit | Rottenpumkin

So imagine you buy a cute ceramic jar at your local thrift store that's sealed shut, and when you open it you find someone's ashes. Not funny!

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6. The Exhibitionist Cow

Reddit | KrazyAboutLogic

Why would anyone buy this at a thrift store baffles me? But if it tickles your fancy then just go for it. Weird or what?

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7. Household Gem

Reddit | jash1191

Talking about adding to that "weird stuff" collection. How about this one for the ride? Do you think it will fit right in? I think so, too.

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8. A Bunny Or A Doll ?

Reddit | LastArmistice

Is this a bunny or a doll? I can't decide. How did this abomination ended up on any store shelves? Easter can be scary!

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9. Gay Ol' Time

Reddit | Calhobs

This T-shirt is super helpful so you don't forget to be gay every day except for Taco Tuesday, of course. Is this a keeper?

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10. Creepy Doppelganger

Reddit | falconfalcone

OMG, is this not the creepiest thing you've ever seen? I wonder if this guy took this picture from the thrift store home with him.

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11. This Awesome Upcycle

Reddit | Florixia

Obviously, the thrift store is the perfect place to find awesome supplies for your DIY projects. What do you think of this gothic repaint project?

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12. A New Family

Reddit | videoverse

Quick if you need photos of your fake family just make your way to your local thrift store. Apparently, they sell plenty of them. Who knew?

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13. Wrench It!

Reddit | Tdeckard2000

This one will come in handy when you need a quick gag that really scares people. Just throw this plastic wrench at them and see them run.

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Who knew you can find so many awesome gems at your local thrift store?


So take a walk and see if you can bring one of them home. Good luck!

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