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Disney's New Slushy Dole Whip Froscatos Are A Boozy Brunch Dream

Growing up, the only real exposure I had to fair or theme park food was at our local fairgrounds.

Now there is nothing wrong with elephant ears, bacon on a bun, or all the various things being battered and deep-fried, but whenever I see the incredible food and drink offerings at Disney parks and resorts I get a really bad case of FOMO.

One of those quintessentially Disney foods is the Dole Whip.

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Technically, any restaurant could license the brand name and recipe, but after the original pineapple flavor was released at Disneyland in 1976 it was an instant hit.

Since then, Disney parks have come up with lots of twists on the classic.

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From the "float" which adds pineapple juice and a maraschino cherry, to a variety of different citrus flavors, there's been a dairy-free treat for everyone's preference.

But the latest twist may just turn the classic into a Disney brunch staple.

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They already boosted it's refreshing qualities by turning the soft serve staple into a slush drink. I'm personally a believer that slush makes any beverage better.

If that's not enough, they've also given it a kick with both vodka and moscato mixed in.

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A reviewer at The Disney Food Blog described it as being even more tart than the original Whip and just as delicious.

There's also a mimosa variation!

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Some outlets are reporting that the mimosa replaces the vodka with Prosecco, but The Disney Food Blog says that the Prosecco is "floated" on top of the already mixed Froscato for extra kick.

Either way, you can find the Dole Whip Froscato at The Basket, which is the walkup-counter for Wine Bar George in Disney Springs.

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