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People Are Fiercely Debating The Correct Way To Put On A Bra

If you are a person with boobs then you have the privilege to wear the best damn piece of clothing ever created: the bra.

Just kidding; we all know it's secretly a torture device.

Which is probably why questions of fit and style always cause such hot debates online.

There isn't a class for how to properly put on and wear a bra.

Usually, you either figure it out yourself or do it the way your mom or older sister showed you when you graduated from training bras to the real thing.

If you're lucky, maybe a knowledgeable sizing expert gave you good advice at some point.

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Of course, "knowledgeable sizing expert" doesn't include the underpaid teenager with a measuring tape employed at most mall bra stores.

But most of us just muddle through and may not even realize that there is another way to put the underwire of doom onto your body.

Which is probably why this fairly straightforward question posted by @nakaimosu on Twitter, got so many responses.

They wanted to know whether more people did up the clasps in the back or in the front.

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The image featured is from a 2015 BuzzFeed article about the "correct" way to put on a bra.

But @nakaimosu's question got a few surprising responses too.

At the risk of TMI, I was once a front-clasper.

It was how I was first shown to do it and it seemed simpler to be able to see the clasps and then twist the bra around afterwards.

But since I have an abundance of boobs, buying bras is expensive — $50 is a bargain for my size — and front-clasping can cause your bras to wear out faster.

Twisting the bra around after clasping can stretch out the elastic and put stress on the seams.

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This particular debate ignores the importance of the second step of the process: the "bend and scoop."

Basically, once the bra is on, you bend forward and use your hands to scoop all the breast tissue from around the sides into the cups. I learned this from the subreddit r/abrathatfits and it seriously changed my comfort for the better.

So really, clasping in the back vs. the front is more about preference than right or wrong.

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But I think we can all agree that pulling one up like a pair of pants is just weird and only an option for super skinny people.

Unless it's a sports bra or bralette, obviously.

However you put it on, can we all at least agree on the sheer joy of taking it off again?

Fun fact: the first time I took off my bra without removing my shirt in front of my boyfriend, it blew his mind. Clearly, I was a witch.