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10+ Easy Tricks That Will Make You A Photography Pro

Aren't you completely obsessed with perfecting that amazing shot that you're going to post on Instagram? I'm always looking for helpful photography hacks and tips that will take my pictures to the next level.

So I was thrilled when I found these awesome suggestions and I wanted to share them with you right away.

1. Use A CD

Instagram | @innakostuk

When you're looking for a unique shot try putting a CD next to your camera. The reflection will make it look beautiful and really pro.

2. Use Spectrum Glasses

Instagram | @lens_crate

In the same token, spectrum glasses are another way to give your shots a super awesome effect. What do you think of that? Very cool.

3. Use Fairy Lights

Instagram | @lens_crate

Those cute fairy lights that all the bloggers are using to pose with can also be used for a fun optical trick. I really love this.

4. Use A Clear Umbrella

Instagram | @lens_crate

I really need to get me one of these. Such a simple trick that really makes the picture stand out. What a great idea.

5. Use A Prism

Instagram | @lens_crate

A prism is a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refract light and creates this really amazing optical effect. I had no idea.

6. Use Confetti

Instagram | @vtraders_camera_store

Do you want to create a fun element with your pictures? Throw some confetti in the air and see how the camera captures it. This is wicked.

7. Use Sparklers And Magnifying Glass

Instagram | @vtraders_camera_store

I really dig the way sparklers were used with a magnifying glass to create this interesting perspective in the picture. So creative.

8. Use Shiny Pillow Effect

Instagram | @multiplecontents

This is such a neat idea. Put your camera against one of those shiny pillows to create an airy and visually stunning effect like this.

9. Use Fancy Backgrounds

Instagram | @multiplecontents

Who knew you can just download a fancy background and use a projector to display it. Then take a picture against it and voilĂ . So imaginative.

10. Use Plastic Bag To Soften Picture

Instagram | @allabouttutorial

This trick is genius. When your pics come out too harsh put a plastic bag above the camera. So much softer and better.

11. Use A Water Puddle

Instagram | @allabouttutorial

Spill some water on the ground and take a picture against it. It will create a unique and really artsy picture effect. How fancy!

12. Use A Suncatcher

Instagram | @allabouttutorial

Another super cool idea to create a different photo effect is to use a suncatcher. You will get an amazing rainbow effect that's so pretty.

13. Use Editing Tools

There are so many editing tools that you can use for finishing touches on your photos. I love using Snapseed to get my photos whiter.

14. Use Your Phone's Reflection

Instagram | @mathiasfast

Hold your phone's screen near the camera's lens to capture a reflection that will give your photos a surreal effect.

OMG, I had no idea there were so many really easy yet so effective and creative ways to take photos.

I must start implementing them in my pictures ASAP.