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Khloé Kardashian Sent A Fan Free Jeans After Intense Backlash On Twitter

When you're a celebrity, every tiny thing you say and do is scrutinized by fans, no matter what.

Khloé has been facing this a lot lately, but the tables are starting to turn.

Khloé Kardashian has been getting a lot of hate online lately.

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After promoting a meal supplement on Instagram, Jameela Jamil showed up in the comments to completely drag her for not being honest about the product.

She also got called out for sharing a picture of a shirt that read, "Love thy racist neighbor".

Even though Koko was only encouraging her fans to spread love and be kind, people really read into things.

It happened yet again when a fan shared with Khloé that they had worked 20 hours just to afford her jeans.

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To which Khloé thought was "cute".

People were genuinely upset by her comment that working hard for something was "cute".

It really showed the divide between the lower/middle and upper class.

But the tables turned when that same fan shared a photo, revealing that Khloé had actually sent her a package of Good American clothes.

And not just one or two pairs of jeans, but literally a whole new wardrobe's worth of clothes — which is pretty amazing.

Khloé was happy to hear that the fan had received her package.

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She also encouraged her to keep working hard, and to be a positive soul, which is again, really amazing.

Khloé also explained how she never expected her initial tweet to be taken so negatively.

And she didn't address it at the time because she wanted the clothes to be a surprise.

I guess that comes with the territory of being a celebrity.

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People will always do what they can to find the negativity in things. It's nice knowing that Khloé sent the fan those clothes simply out of appreciation.

There's good in the world after all!