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12 Fashion Trends That Look Like They Came Out Of The Garbage

Diply 23 Dec 2017

A lot of my clothes look like I found them in a landfill.

You may think it's because I'm too cheap to replace them, I don't understand how fashion works, or because I am literal trash, and you would be correct. All of those things are true.

But it's also because I'm a cutting-edge, forward-thinking fashionista who understands the boundaries of fashion and tries to push them. (At least that's what my inner voice whispers while I choke back tears as someone asks "is that what you're wearing out?" for the fourth time that day...)

As you'll see in some of these photos, it costs a lot of money to look this cheap.

1. For the low price of $422, you too can look like you pillaged a landfill.

Instagram | @biis_ig

I had my purse checked by door security at a club in Montreal once. The bouncer looked me straight in the eye, sighed, and said, "this is all just garbage." Perhaps if I had been carrying this bag, he would've better understood my aesthetic. For the record, this place was literally called "Trash."

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2. When you're feelin' fresh as a sandwich, you gotta keep it under wraps. 

Instagram | @kev3dits2

Your shoes are no exception. Considering the steep price tag on Jimmy Choos, I'd be wrapping my feet in freezer bags too.

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3. I'm pretty sure I saw this exact same sweater on an episode of Hoarders. |

At least I'm really hoping it was a sweater. Come to think of it, the person wearing it didn't exactly look like they could afford something off the runway. Damn.

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4. I mean, there are worse things you could look like. 

Reddit | Now-Look

This really gives new meaning to the times I've said "the guy I slept with last night was total trash."

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5. When you're the queen of trash, but at least you're still queen of something. 

Twitter | @pakalupapito

Okay, so maybe this isn't fashion per se, but it's nicer than any handbag I've ever owned. I wonder how much a box of 10 costs?

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6. If it were up to me, I'd take my cat everywhere I go.

Reddit | spatf

I can't tell if this person is a resident dump-dweller who relates to my love of pets, or the bird lady from Central Park from Home Alone 2.

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7. As a second offender, Rihanna should be ashamed... |

...but we all know she's not. At $300 a pop, who could really blame her? Given the fact that I'm currently wearing Fenty shoe knockoffs, I don't think I'm in any position to start debating fashion with RiRi anyway.

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8. If you're smart enough to read a text book, then you probably aren't paying $2500 for a dumpster sweater. 

Instagram | @daquan

If you dig the look, just send me any sweater you want and I'll happily put hand-crafted, artisan holes in it for like $50 bucks. Seriously. Please help, I'm broke and need textbooks.

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9. They say one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

At least that's what my ex said when he broke up with me, but I digress. In this instance, one man's trash should be every man's trash.

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10. If I'm spending two grand on a bag, it better come assembled.

Twitter | @KateBennett_DC

I can't even afford the one Ikea sells. (Please don't look up the cost, let me hold on to what little dignity I have left.)

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11. I miss the old Kanye, before he made clothes Kanye... 

Instagram | @coolnick

...marker stained shirt Kanye, dragged through the dirt Kanye,
Now you take all my bucks, Kanye. That's rude, WTF Kanye?!

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12. I really like what these shoes represent. |

They've achieved my life long dream of remaining total trash while still being worth something. I think I found my new false God.

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