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13+ Trending Pictures That Prove Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything. It can mark the difference between success and failure, or, in this case, the difference between a wasted pic and an all-time great pic.

Wokka wokka wokka.

Reddit | Redhzun

Some pics rely on using a camera's rapid fire mode to capture the perfect split second. Others just have to wait for the right time of night.


Reddit | kjghAdamsville

Anytime I experience anything close to this perfect, the moment is over before I can even start to fumble my phone out of my pocket to document the magic.

Over the sun.

Reddit | kjpoyner

The perfect sunset combined with an epic leap, all on the edge of a massive cliff, make for one of the awesomest doggo photos I've ever seen.


Reddit | Mass1m01973

Anyone who lives in a cold climate knows that the light can do weird things with the vapor you exhale. In this case, the sunset/sunrise light makes it look like this bear is breathing fire.

Just dropped in.

Reddit | [deleted]

This is a one in a million pic — not just for the timing of the cyclist's unfortunate accident, but also for the fact that the whole thing seems like it's framed to accommodate the crash.


Reddit | lobofett12

This looks like the kind of pleasant art you'd see on the wall of a new age healer's office, but it's actually happening in the real world.


Reddit | HCHwdc

You know, a lot of people are afraid of birds. That fear seems almost rational when you look at their beady little eyes and see a pic like this.

Mach four.

Reddit | rokket1

I've always viewed geese as big honking idiots, making their squawky noises as they fly in V's that are barely V's at all. But the timing of this picture makes them look pretty impressive.

Making a splash.

Reddit | Mocomedia

On any other day, it's just a run-of-the-mill water park ad, plastered in vinyl on the side of a city bus. But in the right conditions, it becomes more experience than ad.

What are they looking at?

Reddit | beaverkc

It all makes sense when you hear the explanation from the Redditor who posted this: "A guy I know from work took his sons to Hooters for the first time and captured this."

Surface tension is a crazy thing.

Reddit | [deleted]

You can see this, albeit for a split second, when you move your hand into and out of the bathtub. It's super cool to see it frozen in time like this.

Just plain cartoonish.

Reddit | [deleted]

A tenth of a second earlier, this guy was presumably walking towards safety. But thanks to some unfortunate circumstances, he's found himself in a rough spot.

It's all in the shadows.

Reddit | md91180

Without the shadows on the beach, this drone pic wouldn't look that interesting: just a beach with two specks standing on the shore. But aligning things in this way is just genius.

We don't know her power.

Reddit | GrahamSaysNO

It makes sense that the gigantic green lady who guards New York would be able to summon lightning, doesn't it?

Surface tension redux.

Reddit | zimvi

If you've ever had a bucket of water dumped on your head, you know that this pic captures the exact moment that you feel the impact, but don't feel wet yet.

Perfect photobomb.

Reddit | ablazer

It's a good thing this was taken during daylight hours, so everything is all light and goofy. In darker conditions, this would look like some kind of jackalope hellspawn.

Thanks, shutter mode.

Reddit | dragun_slayur

The fact that we all have cameras that can shoot a million frames per second at 4K makes capturing pics like this one that much more viable.


Reddit | rupu1234

The artwork in a bird-watcher's guide is already pretty detailed. But identification is that much easier when a real-world example lands right on its own reference page.