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Apparently, We've Been Using These Household Items All Wrong

Most of us learn how to use certain household or other items by looking at how our parents or friends used them. We never end up questioning it and just keep doing it. But apparently, there are some items most of us have been using in a completely wrong way.

So let's save you some time and help you accomplish all your tasks in a much faster and smarter way.

1. Using Your Dishwasher Correctly

For best results, you have to place the dirtiest dishes in the center of the bottom rack facing the spray arm. Who knew?

2. Pasta Strainer

Twitter | @madissencrow7

Instead of pouring the pasta into the strainer, just put the strainer directly in the pot to filter the water out. Woah. My mind is blown.

3. Do Use Those Vacuum Attachments

Unsplash | The Creative Exchange

Use a carpet rake before you vacuum to loosen hair and debris from your carpet. Your floor will be much cleaner.

As well, I know those vacuum attachments seem so confusing but each one of them is there to help you get the job done right, so use them!

4. Plastic Wrap Box Confusion

Chica and Jo

When you punch in those holes on the plastic wrap box, you will be able to unroll the wrap or foil more easily. Good tip!

5. Keep Those Pots From Boiling Over

Life Hacker

Apparently, there's a way to keep pots from boiling over if you put a wooden spoon over the pot. Have you tried it?

6. Use The Pot Hole To Hold Your Spoon


You know those pots that have a mysterious hole in the handle? Well, that handle was made to hold your spoon. Genius!

7. Over Or Under?

Ah, the heated debate of folding the toilet paper under or over. Turns out the original inventor intended it to be hung-over. I win! Case closed.

8. Storing Your Peanut Butter All Wrong

Instagram | @actively.oliviahope

I recently found this out. To keep the oil from collecting on the top, store your peanut butter upside down. It does work!

9. Plunge It The Right Way


Who knew there were two types of plungers? I certainly didn't. The flange plunger is for your sink and the cup for your toilet.

10. Leave The Slow Cooker Alone

Flickr | oussamaradi.me

Your slow cooker works by keeping the heat trapped inside, so try to resist peeking as it will slow down the cooking process.

11. Built-in Straw Holder

Reddit | triggerhoppe

I dunno why most people clearly forget that the soda can comes with its own built-in straw holder. I admit I'm totally guilty of this.

12. Pizza Box

Instagram | @secondhandsamiches

So, pizza boxes unfold into a stand and no one told me this entire time! I still can't believe this. I'll never look at a pizza box the same way again.

13. That Mysterious Oven Drawer Area

Instagram | @cozycourtz

Nobody really knows what that drawer underneath your oven was really supposed to be for. Apparently, it's been designed to keep your food warm. What?

Now that you've been totally schooled make sure you pass on this knowledge to your friends and family.

I'm sure they will be so grateful for your helpful advice.