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11+ Hairstyles That Didn't Meet Expectations

Having beautiful hair is what everyone desires. So when you take matters into your own hands or trust the wrong person things can go terribly, terribly wrong.

Let this be an example to you so you don't end up being the next bad hair victim. Don't say I didn't warn you.

1. Don't let your friend who's got no business cutting hair give you a trim.

This is what happens when you can't wait for your scheduled appointment. Don't do it!

2. This is what happens when your hair inspiration is a porcupine.

Was this lady going for this look or was this just an unhappy accident? I can't decide.

3. When your hairline doesn't balance.

Unless you're going for hair that looks different on both sides, this is clearly not what you were striving for. Get your money back!

4. You finally decided to go for extensions only to end up looking like this.

I hope she didn't get this done at a reputable salon. Epic fail here.

5. This wild look.

Reddit | noshichan

Well, this is one way to show off your wild side. Couldn't she have just bought a leopard print shirt or something?

6. This is proof that it's never a good idea to try to dye your own hair or you risk looking like this.

Not a good look on any day.

7. When you're going for a look just not sure which one.

I hope this is not going to start a new trend, "the bald mullet top" hairstyle.

8. This guy must really love Twizzlers because he's sporting them right on his head.

Say what? I don't think I have ever seen anything quite as interesting as this.

9. When your extensions look hair raising.

Ladies do some vetting before settling on your next hairdresser because if you end up like this you've got only yourself to blame.

10. People, don't assume you know what's best for your hair.

Because this lady did and she ended up with not only worst color but bad extensions as well.

11. When your blow out goes out of control.

Somehow I don't think this lady was going for that bird's nest kind of hairdo. But it's exactly what she got.

12. This is what happens when that 'it' ombré look goes bad.

I hope this lady knows what's going on and doesn't just leave the salon without checking the mirror.

13. In fact, remember when everyone wanted ombré? But, remember how not every hair colorist could master ombré ?

Instagram | @wtfhappenedtoyourhair

2015 was a tough time for hair.

14. Sometimes you fall victim to an over-eager parent who thinks they can certainly cut your hair.

And since you're a kid, you just don't know any better.

15. When a dye job goes really bad.

Instagram | @shanikuhnke

This is why you should always let a professional dye your hair. Otherwise, you risk turning into a smurf and dyeing your skin blue.

16. Hi chunky highlights, how are ya?

Instagram | @wtfhappenedtoyourhair

This hairstyle just transported me back to 1995... but in really bad way.

17. When you ask for a "lob" but end up looking like SLOB.

Instagram | @newkelownagirl

This woman wrote "Sooo....I asked the girl for a long bob. Hair school 101 kinda stuff, or so I thought. I left the salon yesterday feelin’ pretty good, not realizing how f*cked up it looked in the back. I flat ironed my hair this morning. Before work, thought to myself, not bad looking good, keep in mine I’m at a new job and trying to impress my new peeps. It wasn’t until lunch time when my gf (from my old job) says “wtf happened to your hair” and NOW I SEE!!!"

18. This is a cardinal hair-styling SIN!

Instagram | @wtfhappenedtoyourhair

It's like a car crash — I can't look away!

Let's just leave our hair to the professionals, pretty please.

No more cutting your own hair, or having your friend, mom or the next-door neighbor do it either.