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This Artist Turns People's Pets Into Adorable Tattoos

It took me a long time to pick out my first tattoo. I always wanted one, but was also very aware of how the decision was permanent and it should be something that meant a lot to me.

But they say that tattoos can become addictive, and I'll admit to contemplating a second.

In terms of tattoo themes, pets are pretty popular.

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For good reason too. They're members of your family who don't live as long as humans do. Wanting a permanent way to remember them makes a lot of sense.

Plus, animal tattoos are super cute.

Instagram | @jiran__

One particular tattoo artist is getting global acclaim for his unique pet tattoos.

Jiran is from South Korea and shares his creations on Instagram, where he's got more than 100,000 followers.

His work is cartoony and simple, yet still captures the essence of each animal.

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I love this one, because that doggo must really love underwear if they're pictured with it.

For my dog Wesley, no tattoo would be complete without his red ball.

Jiran's art must be a true labor of love, because it's still illegal in South Korea to be a tattoo artist.

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More specifically, it's illegal for anyone besides a medical doctor to give a tattoo, but growing popularity and social acceptance of the art form will hopefully push the government to adjust the laws.

But while waiting for changes to happen, Jiran has plenty of opportunities.

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He regularly visits other countries, hosting pop-up tattoo events where fans can come to get their own ink creations done.

I can't stop giggling at this cat tattoo.

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Like, the kitty looks so sad and anxious, but it must be the norm if their owner decided to immortalize it.

In a lot of the art, pets who have passed away are blessed with tiny halos.

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Is it getting dusty in here or is it just me? The good bois get to be with their friend forever in ink.

Jiran's style may seem childish, but I think that's what makes it special.

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Other artists may create images with more accurate proportions or details, but they may not capture the essence the same way Jiran does.

To see more of his work, be sure to check out his Instagram.