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Fans Are Noticing A Weird Pattern Between Jordyn And Kylie's Instagram Posts

As someone that has gone through a bestie breakup more than once (srry, not srry — sometimes you gotta cut a dumb bish) I know how the petty games go. In fact — I'd argue I made the rules of the petty game.

And the latest bishes to take notes from moi are none other than ex-besties Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods.

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You know what happened between Jordyn and the Kar/Jen family and I'm not gonna insult you by diving deep into these details.

But if you'd like more context about Jordyn cheating with KoKo's baby daddy you can find them here, here and here.

Jordyn broke her Instagram silence with this post nearly 2 weeks after the scandal broke.

She tried to inspire the masses with her caption, "If you're reading this.. it means God has given you another day to wakeup up and be grateful" she wrote.

Then Kylie posted this picture just a little while after Jordyn's.

Her caption? Just a black heart.

BUT THEN, Jordy posted this picture 4 days ago.

Notice anything familiar about the caption? OH, IT'S JUST A SWEET AND SIMPLE BLACK HEART!

Kylie then posted TWO posts on that same day.

Her caption on the first post? "Finally some sun ... " but THEN ...TWO BLACK HEARTS!

Sis then posted these fire selfies with absolutely no caption.

Which is a power move and I support it FULLY.

Then Jordyn posted this super cute neon bikini pic on St. Patricks Day, ya know — we love a themed queen.

The caption? "ahh the sun is finallly back.."



To cap off the saga, Jordyn posted this super cute and fresh faced selfie while wishing her followers a "goodnight."

We love a flirty lash and brow combo!

Moments after Jordyn posted her selfie, Kylie posted this super cute video of her and Stormi.

This time? Yellow hearts in the caption!

Now call us gossip gobblers whatever you want, but we're absolutely not stupid.

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We've been picking up what Kylie is putting down.

Look if Kylie is being petty and trying to show off that she's more popular than Jordyn — it's safe to say we're picking up what she's putting down.

I mean... rude but fair.

And while there's no word on Kylie and Jordyn rekindling their friendship — I think it's safe to say we'd all be happy if they did.

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They were friends for nearly a decade!

We want our "KyJord" back! Did people ever say that? I don't think so tbh.

Whatever, they're not friends anymore so who cares?????