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Mom Puts A Hilarious Spin On 'College Day' At Her Kid's School

Schools often have fun spirit days for students. I personally always looked forward to pajama day, because who doesn't want to wear their PJs to school?

One mom's interpretation on a school spirit day is making the rounds on the internet with her hilarious and unique take on "College Day." These pictures are too much.

School spirit days are pretty common.

There's crazy hair day, pajama day, twin day, and tons more. These spirit days make school a little more fun and break up the daily routine.

One mom had a hilarious idea when it came to her daughter's most recent spirit day at school.

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The idea was for the kids to come to school dressed in a college team shirt or hat, but this mom took it to a whole other level.

She sent her daughter to school dressed as a sorority girl.

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A member of Zeta Tau Alpha, to be exact, complete with a Starbucks cup, of course. This is the definition of extra.

She's playing the part so well.

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Elle Woods would be so proud of this sorority sister. Loving the pink shirt and sunglasses!

They even convinced another little boy to dress up as a frat brother.

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Those red solo cups are killing me! I don't think this is what the school had in mind for "College Day"! LOL!

These photos were shared by the little girl's aunt on Twitter.

"My niece had college day at school today and I don’t think my sister understood that she had to dress her up with college gear... instead she dressed her and her friends as a sorority girl and frat boy lmaoooooooo," tweeted @Seilynx3

People were loving these costumes on Twitter.

The original tweet has been retweeted over 3,000 times now and lots of people replied in the comments. It's probably one of the best things I've ever seen on Twitter.

These kids nailed the details.

Like me, Twitter users were loving their outfits, including the sunglasses! Those glasses did seal the deal.

Even though this probably isn't what the school had in mind, the internet is loving this mom's hilarious take on "College Day".

Is there anything cuter than a group of mini sorority girls and frat boys? I don't think so. Elle Woods would definitely approve.

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