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Teen Got Her Mom A 'Thanks For Vaccinating Us' Cake

Are you on Facebook? Instagram? Maybe Twitter? Have an uncle with conspiracy theories? Then you've heard the controversy surrounding vaccinations that has resurfaced its ugly, pseudo scientific head.

It all began with a faulty study that linked vaccinations to the development of autism. The entire theory makes zero sense for so many reasons, and it looks like these kids knew just how lucky they were to have a mom that understood that.

Protecting your kids from the perils of the world is basically the end game of parenting.

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We tell them to look both ways before they cross the road, to avoid talking to strangers, and call when they get to where they're goin'. For the most part, parents know what's best for their kids.

But SOME parents have gotten the idea in their minds that they know more about epidemiology and diseases than trained professionals.

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Lucky for Alyssa Jackson and her younger sister, their mom trusted the system and were vaccinated against these life-threatening diseases.

It all began with a trip to pick up Alyssa's vaccination records.

TikTok | Alyssa Jackson

"My sister and I went to pick up my vaccination records so I can switch my school, and we stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch," she told BuzzFeed News.

"After eating we were gonna get ice cream but decided it wold be funny to make a TikTok of us getting that cake."

TikTok | Alyssa Jackson

After buying the cake, they decided to make this cake a little more special, and stopped at the local grocery store to pick up an icing pen.

The girls decorated the cake inside their car, writing a special message for their momma in icing.

TikTok | Alyssa Jackson

In black icing, they wrote a message that would launch their little video into virality, "Thx 4 Vaccinating Us, Mom."

"I am happy that I'm vaccinated, because I have seen that some old-time diseases are coming back," Jackson explained.

TikTok | Alyssa Jackson

"I'm glad my mom hasn't contributed to that."

They then surprised their mom with the cake at home, and her reaction was priceless.

TikTok | Alyssa Jackson

"When we walked in my mom was confused because she was working and we just came home with a cake," she said.

"She knows when my sister and I are together we like to be funny and do ridiculous things so the first thing she said was 'You can't smash that in my face.'"

Eventually her mom caught on, and her face says it all.

TikTok | Alyssa Jackson

What a cute surprise for a responsible momma.

You can watch the entire video here.

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