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A Woman Transformed Her Floor With $130 Worth Of Pennies

If I had a penny for every time someone gave me an idea for a creative project, maybe I would have $130 worth of pennies.

Then I could put it to some good use, as one Imgur user known as TonyaTooners did.

You wouldn't believe what she did with a stack of pennies. Check it out and see how you stack up.

Obviously, before you start this super interesting, and may I say, incredibly ambitious project, you will need quite a collection of pennies.

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So my advice is to start saving now.

Next, you will need some supplies to help you create your masterpiece such as Elmer's glue, grout, epoxy, wood filler, and a few pieces of wood.

Imgur | TonyaTooners

Of course, these supplies were in addition to the $130 worth of pennies, so keep that in mind.

Now, this one is important, keep your dogs away from this work in progress.

Apparently, TonyaTooners' dogs kept pooping on the pennies. Not a pretty sight.

Create an interesting pattern with all the pennies so it makes for a visually beautiful mosaic.

Imgur | TonyaTooners

I really like the pattern TonyaTooners created with her design here.

Continue the pattern until you finish the whole floor.

Imgur | TonyaTooners

Oh, and you will also need to use a hammer for any penny pieces that may be sticking out and not flush with the floor. Get whacking!

If there's a seam in the flooring, you may have to put a wide strip of pennies up along it.

Imgur | TonyaTooners

TonyaTooners used a wood filler to cover any gaps.

Now at this point, if you get tired, just take a rest, have some chow, and get your strength.

As TonyaTooners discovered, you still got a lot of work ahead of you.

TonyaTooners decided to put a different pattern alongside the edges of the wall.

Imgur | TonyaTooners

She created what looks like a border and it makes the floor look so much fancier.

When you encounter gaps between the molding and the floor you can put the pennies under it to complete the edges.

Imgur | TonyaTooners

This can be very tricky but will look beautiful.

Check out this awesome pattern up close and personal.

Imgur | TonyaTooners

Wow, this looks painstakingly hard to do but must've been so rewarding to see in the end. Don't you think?

Who needs a trip to Portugal to see all those fancy floors everyone is posting pics of on Instagram when you can create your own?

Imgur | TonyaTooners

Then again, this looks harder!

Once the pennies were all glued down, grout was used to fill in the spaces between the coins.

Imgur | TonyaTooners

Epoxy sealed in the design and leveled the floor. Impressive! This project is not for the faint of heart.

Now after all the hard work is done, this is the final reveal.

Imgur | TonyaTooners

I can't believe this was a home DIY project. Looks like it was done by a professional.

Are you as impressed by this penny floor as I am?

I'm a bit lost for words here. This is so stunning and has that cool 1920s vibe.