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Twitter Is Accusing Kim Of 'Blackfishing' After Sharing Fan Drawing Of Her In Leopard Print

It seems like Kim really can't catch a social media break these days — from posting an "offensive" throwback of her and Kanye with a "middle class aesthetic," to ripping on fast fashion companies and then getting laughably dragged for it — Kimmy's had a hectic 2019 to say the least.

But let's be real for a second, sis brings on the controversy to her damn self.

We all love a healthy and glow-y tan, but Kim tends to take it a lil' too far.

Recently, Kim did a photoshoot in this gorgeous leopard number that super model Naomi Campbell once wore, immediately drawing comparisons to the two.

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Iconically, Kim didn't just have one leopard suit up her sleeve, she had two.

When in Paris, one wears printed panther patterns, DAH-LING.

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The glamour of this photo series inspired artist and fan Hayden Williams to sketch this drawing, which Kim reposted on her Twitter :

Immediately, fans were struck by cartoon Kim's complexion.

One fan took the liberty of lightening the sketch's skin colour in order to make it more realistic.

Others accused Kim of "blackfishing" a term that has been used in association with the whole Kardashian/Jenner family.

According to Teen Vogue, "blackfishing" is described as "a phenomenon where white influencers are accused of 'cosplaying' blackness, allegedly using makeup and hairstyles to look like they are women of color."

Some people were even saying the drawing looked like Jordyn Woods.

IDK how to feel about this conspiracy, but the whole thing is ridiculous regardless.

The artist, Hayden Williams, has clapped back at people saying he was perpetuating Kim's "blackfishing" by saying it was a "stylized interpretation" and that it's much more complex than just Kim's skin tone.

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"My art is NOT meant to be an exact replica of the people I illustrate."

Even though Kim did not draw this illustration, she is the one who decides how much fake tan she's gonna use.

I hope sis realizes soon she is contributing to a systematic problem that needs to be stopped ASAP.