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7+ Dollar Store Hacks That Will Solve So Many Problems

I really love cool and useful DIY projects. But if you're not careful they can sometimes get expensive.

I was on the hunt for not only creative ways to save money but also to make my home more efficient and pretty at the same time.

Here are a few awesome hacks that can be done with items from the dollar store for cheap.

1. Blow Dryer Basket

Dream Green DIY

Having your blow dryer handy is what every girl needs in her bathroom. I dunno why I haven't thought of using this file storage box idea before.

2. Cookie Sheet Makeup Organizer

The Crazy Craft Lady

Speaking of tidy bathrooms, keeping your makeup neatly organized can be a challenge. This unique and oh-so-pretty cookie sheet idea is genius!

3. Metal Trays Art

Fancy yourself some vintage-inspired French garden art? Well, if you can believe, these were made using those metal trays from the dollar store. If your place was lacking decor, problem solved!

4. Organize Kitchen Drawers

Instagram | @keelaurk

Buy a few small plastic containers from the dollar store and whip your kitchen drawers into shape. Now every utensil will have its proper place.

5. Mason Jar Makeover

Even dollar store mason jars can look decorative and help store small items. Adding some wooden toy animals painted gold can give it that luxurious extra touch.

6. Organize Your Pantry

Organizing your pantry can be a really daunting task, amirite? But how easy and simple is it when you use these fun and colorful dollar store containers?

7. Battery Storage

Speaking of containers, there are so many to choose from at the dollar store. This one can keep your batteries all in one place.

8. Luxurious Flower Power

Want to add some luxe vibes to your home decor? This dollar store styrofoam ball decorated with fake roses does make a great statement.

9. Cookie Cutter Candles

YouTube | Bentley's Backwoods Bushcraft

I'm not the greatest baker, but I never thought of using my lonely cookie cutters for this candle-making idea. These could make such a great gift.

10. Stationary Holder


I like to keep my desk neatly organized. Using an ice cube tray for those pesky paper clips, pins, and other stationary items can look so awesome!

11. Creepy Roller

Reddit | silentwail

My lint roller sure does get a lot of use. But I never thought it can come in handy in this super creepy situation.

12. Colorful Fridge Mats

2 Little Superheros

I have a love-hate relationship with my fridge. I can't stand when it gets messy. These mats will keep it clean and pretty and they're made from dollar store placemats!

13. Handy Spice Rack


I can't stand when my spices are all over the place. This plastic dollar store pencil organizer affixed with magnets is a brilliant idea.

I'm loving all these smart and clever hacks.

Who knew the dollar store can be such an interesting place to shop? Have you found any other uses I haven't mentioned?