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10+ Homes We'll Buy If We Ever Win The Lottery

I recently moved into a new place, and I have to admit having limited space and a budget has been a struggle.

So once in a while, I close my eyes and imagine what I would do if I had just won a million bucks. What kind of house would I splurge on?

Let's check out these unbelievable living spaces and let our imagination run wild!

1. I would never feel blue in this airy and colorful kitchen with a balcony.

The Nordroom | r/roomPorn

I want to make a latte and head out onto that balcony. Sigh. Maybe one day.

2. If suburban life looked this good, I would have left the city even sooner.

Reddit | AcerRubrum

This sunroom allows you to enjoy every season from the comfort of your home. Yes, even winter.

3. Who doesn't love lounging in style? I know I do. And this seems like the perfect house to do so in.

Realtor | r/roomPorn

Watching sunsets every night would be so magical in this space!

4. Sleeping in every day would be so much sweeter in this stunning bedroom. And look at that view!

Flying With Kids | r/roomPorn

You would definitely need to invest in some black-out curtains for this room.

5. This house looks amazing to do some serious entertaining! And what a light fixture!

Reddit | vibrantnatures

I'm a sucker for starburst light fixtures. When can I move in?

6. Living under a rock has never felt this glamorous.

Reddit | Jameseatscheese

This house was actually carved into a sandstone butte in Utah and you can stay here through Airbnb!

7. If a rustic style is your jam, this bedroom is what dreams are made of. You might have to fight the dogs for it though.

Houzz | r/roomPorn

That hanging swing totally has my name on it.

8. This picturesque penthouse is an art lover's haven. And what a beautiful staircase!

Reddit | ReggieStration

I'm not usually one for the modernist look, but I would happily live here.

9. I really love to cook. With a space like this, I can easily work on my next culinary masterpiece.

Reddit | barneyLOLman

That fireplace looks gorgeous, too! I could spend my entire day in this kitchen.

10. This Manhattan penthouse must come with a hefty price tag but I'm not gonna let that little detail spoil the view for me.

Street Easy

That sunroom is calling my name! I would spend all day reading and relaxing in there.

11. If a backyard oasis is what you're looking for, this house in Kenya would be worth a trip.


Eating dinner outside in this lush garden would be a dream come true.

12. And if you really want to impress your friends, how about this huge saltwater aquarium?

Reddit | jackalooz

That's one way to show off your love of all things under the sea.

13. If you ever wanted an indoor pool, why settle for less?

Reddit | TribalOlives

This is about as serene as they come.

Does anyone want to take a dip? Imagine all the pool parties you could have!

Oh, my word! I feel like I have died and gone to house heaven with these properties.

Now I'm gonna say, "bye" and run to buy that lottery ticket. Fingers crossed that I win!

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