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12+ Creative Tattoos That Incorporate Birthmarks And Scars

People get tattoos for all kinds of different reasons. Some just like the design or have a unique story to tell, while others may have birthmarks or scars they want to hide.

Instead of just going for the typical tattoo cover-up, why not incorporate the affected area into the design?

I have thought about getting a tattoo around a scar I have on my leg, and these examples are definitely giving me some serious tattoo envy right now.

1. This design proves that even a large area can be treated with a unique tattoo idea.

Loving this creative design that turned this birthmark into a map!

2. Here's another birthmark that now looks like a beautiful map.

This would be perfect for any world-travelers out there who want to show off their love of exploring new places.

3. This clever design makes it seem like it's just part of the tattoo.

I am loving this galaxy-inspired tattoo! So clever and creative.

4. And how interesting is this idea? It really looks she spilled wine on herself.

I think the best thing about these tattoos is seeing all the unique ideas people come up with.

5. Don't let Cookie Monster get it. He he he! Super fun.

This might just be my favorite one on the list. Who doesn't love Cookie Monster?

6. These snowflakes are gorgeous.

Instagram | @nimketattoo

What a beautiful and ethereal design.

7. This is another interesting way to keep the birthmark intact.

She turned her birthmark into a beautiful flower. Stunning!

8. And this one turns into a gorgeous sunflower.

I love the colors they chose for this design! You can't help but feel happy by looking at it.

9. I really love this wild idea. I think the birthmark looks so much more interesting this way.

Leopard print will never go out of style and this is a great way to let the world know that you are fierce.

10. And why not turn an oval shape into a happy Mr. Potato Head!

This tattoo design is actually genius. I might have to steal it for my own tattoo one day.

11. Even this simple idea with a heart-shaped tattoo proves that you don't have to do much.

A low-key design that shows off the birthmark is all you need for an amazing result.

12. This tattoo incorporates the birthmark so it looks like the sun is being shaded. So clever!

Such a smart idea! I've never seen a tattoo like this before.

13. Darth Vader

Instagram | @flavia.daedratattoo

I know he's the bad guy, but this little Darth Vader is actually super cute! And the scar became his lightsaber. Amazing idea!

14. Talk about a hairy situation. OMG this mammoth is genius!

Imgur | kaythanksbye

I love it when people can have a sense of humor about their tattoos. That's when the real creativity happens.

15. A deserted island sounds good right about now.

Instagram | @bambie_tattoo

This makes for a great aspirational reminder for retirement.

16. A young Goku to the rescue.

Instagram | @jamesbean87

Well, isn't this adorable?

17. In the name of the rose.

Instagram | @house_of_tattoo_gent

This tattoo is so beautiful and skillful, and it still honors this person's birthmark.

18. What a snappy turtle.

Instagram | @skinillustrationsjc_tattooshop

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. But this little guy sure is cute.

19. This is like dragon magic.

Instagram | @rory_pickersgill_tattoo

The person who did this tattoo describes it as a "dragon navigating a little universe of birth marks." Lovely.

20. A unique spin on the classic dolphin tattoo.

Instagram | @elizabethsstattoo

I have to say, the pink birthmark underneath just adds to this design's beauty.

21. A campfire I'd gladly warm up to.

Instagram | @kiserink

The client who received this tattoo incorporated the purple butterfly in memory of a friend. It only serves to make this extra special.

22. Here comes the sun.

Instagram | @saramonster315

The simplicity of this design is its beauty. Plus, it looks like the sun is really hot.

23. Who knew you could add to Van Gogh's brilliance?

Instagram | @pattiecaker

This interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' layers in new colors thanks to the pink birthmark underneath. And the result is dazzling.

24. Smile and the whole world smiles with you.

Instagram | @lewogram

Now this is definitely something to smile about.

Wow, how imaginative are these tattoos?

I would totally choose to display my scar proudly with a cleverly designed tattoo piece.