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We Tried Ariana Grande's New Starbucks Drink So You Don't Have To

Starbucks releasing fun and inventive drinks is nothing new. As a devoted SB fan, I'm always up for trying a fun new concoction.

Of course, when we discovered Ariana Grande's collaboration, we had to give it a go.

As you may have heard, Ariana Grande announced her brand new collaboration with Starbucks.

The new drink is the Cloud Macchiato, which sounds pretty delicious.

Considering that her last name is Grande, this whole thing only makes sense. Honestly, it's about time.

You can get the drink made either hot or cold.


The absolutely lovely and amazing baristas recommended the iced Caramel Cloud version, so that's what Taylor and I went with — a grande, of course.

But for the sake of the article, we got Jason (who literally walks into Starbucks and orders a "large coffee") to try the hot Cinnamon Cloud.

He was out of his comfort zone, but he powered through.

We ordered two versions of the iced Cloud Macchiato — one with soy milk, and one with 2% milk.


Sydney wanted Baristas everywhere to know that if you make the drink with soy, you need to add extra to get it to foam properly.

Thanks Syd, we love you.

The Verdict:


The version with 2% milk was delicious. It's recommended that you drink this with a nitro lid, and I can see why.

Your first sip is all kinds of sweet. I would compare it to a frappuccino. Once you get past the sweetness, the espresso taste is pretty strong.

I'd also recommend drinking this ASAP, and not letting the foam settle for very long.

The soy version was apparently life-changing.


"I feel like I can sing better already. I feel like my hair looks better. Life tastes better. I'm on a physical and emotional cloud," — Taylor, an apparent fan.

Note: she drank it with a straw, and still tasted that sweet caramel right away.

Jason's review of the hot Cinnamon Cloud is well-worth the read.


I think this means that he liked it? But it was definitely a sweet treat and not an everyday order.

He also had no idea what "walking side to side" means, and we're not going to tell him.

Overall, we would all recommend The Cloud Macchiato if you're looking to satisfy that sweet-tooth.


If sweet drinks aren't your thing, I would pass on this collaboration.

I also just wanted to apologize to the Baristas who had to make three of these drinks in the middle of their 8:30 AM rush. God is a woman in a green apron.

Have you tried The Cloud Macchiato yet?

There are a million different ways to order these drinks. I've also heard that you can make it with various milks and syrups. Let us know how you like yours!