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This Home Is Like A Real-Life Hobbit House And It's For Sale

Attention Lord of the Rings fans! What if I told you there was a house out there perfectly fit for a hobbit? This isn't just some film location but a real-life dwelling available for purchase right now for the right kind of Frodo.

Let's dig deep into this property and see its unique features.

The Outstanding Exterior

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The exterior of this house looks like something out of a movie set. And it does resemble that dome-like Hobbit house straight out of Tolkien's novel.

A Functional House Inside

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If you think this is just some dinky little house, you'd be wrong. This is a fully functional house with all the amenities.

Family Room To Entertain

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The family room is so large it's perfect for entertaining. It comes equipped with a fireplace, benches, storage space, and high ceilings.

Everything And The Kitchen Sink

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Running out of kitchen space? Not in this house. There's plenty of room to create, cook, and eat your delicious lembas.

Two Bedrooms In Tow

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This house is a perfect option for a single family as it comes with two spacious bedrooms. Relax, unwind, and work in a unique space.

Intricate Details

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You'll find a bounty of interesting and intricate details all throughout the house, such as beautifully crafted wooden furniture with antique-like features.

Laundry On-Site

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Stuck in the woods and running out of clean laundry? No worries, this house comes with its own on-suite laundry facilities. Yay!

Indoor Parking Garage

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To top it all off this property has an indoor parking garage. So your fancy car will be safely stored away from any evil elves.

Location, Location

This extraordinary house is nestled into a hillside in a remote part of Wisconsin in the United States. And now you have a rare opportunity to own it.

A 1970s Gem

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The property was build in 1972 by UW-River Falls professors Pat Clark and Emogene Nelson and designed by an architect named Mike McGuire.

If The Price Is Right

With the prices of real estate going bananas in many parts of North America, this house listed at $275,000 US is a bargain.

Other Hobbit Houses

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If a new house purchase isn't in your future, feast your eyes on other Hobbit-like houses around the world like this one from Thailand.

Wales, U.K.

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Simon Dale and Jasmine Saville's self-built house took around four months to complete. And it was fully built using natural and recycled materials.

Eastman, Quebec

From The Grapevine

This awesome Hobbit-inspired house is actually an eco-lodge. So if you can't buy your own house, you can just stay in one for a while.

Get Inspired!

I hope you enjoyed your Hobbit-like home adventure, and that it inspired you to use your creativity next time you're decorating or shopping for a new family home.