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Khloé Slams Jordyn Woods On Twitter: 'You ARE the reason my family broke up!'

It's been a seriously busy morning in the world of Hollywood drama, and if you're a bit behind, don't worry.

All you need to know is that Jordyn Woods told her side of the story on Red Table Talk, and Khloé is not buying it.

Since the news broke that Jordyn had allegedly hooked up with Tristan Thompson, social media hasn't rested.


People have been dragging Jordyn, and through it all, she's remained silent.

Until now, anyway.

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She appeared on Red Table Talk where she shared her side of the story and explained what really happened between her and Tristan that night.

Long story short, Tristan kissed her, and she failed to tell Kylie and Khloé about it.

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She explained that at the time, she didn't want to hurt Khloé.

During the interview, she admitted that she should have told the truth.

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But she went on to say that she was not the reason that Khloé and Tristan weren't together anymore.

She also added that she's tried to apologize to Khloé by texting and calling her.

It was just a hot minute before Khloé hopped on Twitter to drag Jordyn over some hot AF coals.

And let this be a lesson to all of you: never cross the Kardashians.

She called Jordyn out for lying.

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She claims that Jordyn never called her to apologize, and added that she was the reason that her family broke up.

Honestly, yikes.

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In another tweet, she recognized that Tristan is equally to blame, but he's the father of her child.

She was clearly upset that Jordyn went public with her story, unlike Tristan, who apparently has been dealing with these issues privately.

This entire scandal has sparked a lot of discussion as to why people are dragging Jordyn and not Tristan.

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Something tells me that this story is only going to continue to unfold from here.

A large majority of fans weren't happy with what Khloé had to say about Jordyn.

Flat out blaming her for her family breaking up is pretty ridiculous when you consider Tristan's history.

She doesn't have to forgive Jordyn...

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But dragging her this way was way out of line. It was refreshing to see so many people back Jordyn up.

So far there's been no other response from Jordyn.

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And something tells me that she'll continue to stay silent on social media about the whole thing.

You can watch her 30 minute interview now.

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It's always important to get both sides of the story. Here's one of them.