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One Fire Department Explains Why You Should Never Ever Park By A Fire Hydrant

Andrew Roberts 28 Feb 2019

Anaheim Fire & Rescue recently provided visual evidence for why you don't park in front of fire hydrants. The zone is red for a very good reason and this car owner found that out the hard way when the firefighters responded to an apartment fire nearby.

A Law For A Reason

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If you weren't aware, it is against the law to park in front of a fire hydrant. You will get a ticket if you park there or within the red zone along the sidewalks across the country.

There could be differences depending on the city or the state in America, but it is an easy way to get a ticket.

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More Than Just A Ticket

Wikimedia | https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:PoliceHydrant.jpg

And as we've learned thanks to the Anaheim Fire & Rescue team, you'll get far more than just a ticket. Your car might end up towed at the very least and if it is an emergency, you could end up having your windows busted out.

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What Can Happen

That's what happened when the Anaheim team responded to a fire and encountered a car parked in front of the hydrant. As you can see, they mentioned the fees and ticket, but they're sure to also show that they had to bust through the rear passenger windows to reach the hydrant.

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If this brings back some memories, a similar incident happens in the movie Backdraft. But it is a far more recurring act in real life, which is why the folks at Anaheim Fire & Rescue decided to post online.

That didn't go over exactly how they expected it would, but they handled the critics well.

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Citizens Want To Raise More Awareness

Many folks wanted to know if there was a video that could be created to show WHY they needed to break the windows or why parking in front of the hydrant is trouble.

Anaheim Fire & Rescue didn't commit to creating anything, but they did acknowledge the ideas.

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Why Not Go Over The Car!?

A lot of folks online tried to tell the fire department that they crossed the line by breaking the car's windows. Why not go over the car, under the car, or around the car.

They were quick to tell these critics that the weight of the hose would've caused more damage and the angle would've hurt water pressure.

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Not Against The Law

The fire team was also quick to point out that what they did was NOT against the law. They pointed out that the breaking of the windows was equal to breaking down the door of a home to fight a fire.

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People Keep Trying To Lecture The Firefighters

It was also made clear that fire companies are not out just randomly or intentionally breaking people's property unless they have to. If it was possible to make it work the way they need it to, they would do it.

It is odd that this common fact needs to be spelled out.

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More Worried About The Car Than The Fire

A lot of the replies seem to be worried about the person's car than the actual fire that the firefighters were there to battle. The constant stream of people saying they could've just run the hose over the car or that they should've towed the car seem to miss that fact.

If any other method worked, it wouldn't illegal to park in front of a hydrant, as they say here. And waiting on a tow truck essentially kills any chance of fighting the fire they were called to the scene for in the first place.

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