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Chrissy Teigen Did A 'Milestone' Photo For John And It's Too Funny

There are a lot of weird parenting trends that we can thank social media for.

I'm pretty sure people didn't make perfectly stylized bento box meals for their kids' lunches before social media, but now they're all the rage.

Celebs aren't immune to these trends either. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend just shared their take on those "milestone" photoshoots and it is hilarious.

We know who Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are.

John is an award-winning performer (as in he has an Oscar, Emmy, Tony, and multiple Grammy awards) and his gorgeous wife, Chrissy, is a model and an author. They are superstars.

They also have an adorable family.

They welcomed their daughter, Luna, in 2016, and their son, Miles, made his debut in 2018. This family is seriously too cute for words!

Miles is also basically John's twin.

Who's idea was it to take a photo of these two in a pile of teddy bears? My heart can't handle this cuteness overload.

We also know that Chrissy loves to roast John on social media.

Case in point: this hilarious tweet of Chrissy pushing John out of the shot. I swear, these two are one of the funniest couples in Hollywood.

Like a lot of parents, Chrissy and John have been taking those monthly "milestone" photos of Miles.

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You've probably seen these pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, but the idea is that the parent takes a photo every month for their baby and updates the world on their height, weight, age etc...

What can I say? It's a parenting thing.

Here are a couple examples if you aren’t familiar with these photos.

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"What a wild year it’s been! You brought so much joy into our lives little one,” wrote the mother.

And another one, more aligned with what Chrissy and John did.

Instagram | @mommybarker11

She’s got her cute lil’ baby laid out with typical girly things.

So naturally, Chrissy had an adorable nine-month-update for her Instagram fam.

Miles looked picture-perfect in his onesie, alongside a sign displaying his baby stats.

Chrissy took this trend one step further by taking one for John.

I am loving this!!

Apparently, John is 482 months old. Awww, they really do grow up so fast, don't they?

Fans were also loving it.

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Yeah this made me super happy when I saw it, too. Do you know any other couples who can get away with this stuff? I love that they update their fans with their social media posts pretty frequently.

While Chrissy and John aren't the first adults to do this, it's still really funny.

Other people have been posting their own "milestone" photos to mark their birthdays or just because they want to. Honestly, I think I need to have one of these photoshoots for myself.

Others have taken a simpler approach and made their own signs to go along with the baby's.

Like this grandpa who had his own birthday card to match!

Or better yet, a funny twist to make the milestone more memorable.

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This person wrote, "Today my husband is 324 months years old. He enjoys listening to people argue on ESPN (even when it drives me crazy), chocolate milkshakes, and grilled chicken quesadillas!"


Thank you, Chrissy and John.

This photo made my day and I love that you two always have such a great sense of humor. Keep the funny pics and updates coming!