Medieval 'Bed Boxes' Are Apparently Making A Comeback

You can never predict where the next big home trend will get its inspiration from. Sometimes it's art, sometimes it's nature, and in this case, it's history.

Medieval 'bed boxes' are starting to pop up again as the latest bed trend for homes. These beds are especially popular in small apartments or as a space-saving solution.

If you've never heard of a bed box, take a look at their interesting, and somewhat creepy history, then see how people are bringing them into the modern age.

Bed boxes were popular throughout Europe before the invention of electric heating.


The beds were free-standing, enclosed structures with a swinging or sliding door.

The name is pretty accurate, though. They are literally a bed in a box. They are also a nightmare for anyone who has claustrophobia.

Some were built directly into walls to make a sort of bed nook. There were also variations on the design with curtains instead of actual doors.

The curtains make me feel a little less claustrophobic. At least you wouldn't feel like you're sleeping in a coffin. And you could always change the color to match the seasons!

The reason for these bed boxes is pretty straight-forward.

Since electric heating wasn't a thing yet, the best way to stay warm during the night was to tuck yourself in one of these boxes and shut the door (or curtains).

Bed boxes were also used to keep children safe during the night.

Unsplash | Michael D Beckwith

Since wild animals and even livestock could find their way into homes during this time, locking your child up in a bed box seemed to be the best way to keep them safe from animals at night.

They look kind of cozy, right?


I mean a bunk bed version would be cool... as long as the top bunk didn't crush you in your sleep. Okay, I take it back. I hate these.

Even if you aren't crazy about the idea of sleeping in a box, there are some modern bed designs that take inspiration from this medieval furniture.

These designs are more welcoming and I could actually see myself curling up and falling asleep in them.

How about this cute closet bed?


If your apartment is strapped for space, tucking your bed away in a closet could be a smart solution to your problem. This actually looks pretty chic and cozy to me!

You could also try nestling your bed in a small nook.


This way, you get a bit of framing around your bed, but it doesn't feel like you're actually sleeping in a box. These canopy curtains add a nice, dreamy touch, too!

Or, what about this curtained bed nook?

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This would be a really cool idea for a kid's room! If you need a guest bed but don't have a spare room, making one of these nooks could be a good compromise, too.

So, while medieval bed boxes are starting to influence some of the new bed trends, at least these ones are cute and not creepy. What do you think of this design?

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