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16 Pics To Make You Go 'Huh?' Then 'Ohhh'

I'm easily confused at the best of times. So when life throws a curveball my way and forces me to think outside the box, my first step is to stop, cock my head, and just go "huh?" Then, and only on a good day, I can sometimes figure out that things aren't always exactly what they seem.

1. I'd wrack my brain about this too. 

Imgur | youandmeandrainbows

Did I do so well the teacher was saying my test was spicy? Were they scribbling down their Chipotle order? It's a humbling tumble to feel that dumb after scoring so well on a test.

2. You can't tell me that a zoo that dresses its gorilla in people clothes wouldn't have a license to print money.

Kickvick | Kickvick

And why stop there? The penguins are already in tuxes, and who wouldn't love to see a little goat couture?

3. And you thought it was bad when raccoons went through your garbage.

Twitter | @BoringEnormous

I'm smart enough to not mess around with regular-sized squirrels. If they start walking around people-sized, I'll just let them have the planet.

4. The dress code said informal, but she went for infernal.

Instagram | @LADBible

Here's a protip — if your date insists on you doing your promposal at a crossroads at midnight, you might just want to ask someone else.

5. She appreciated the gesture, but the souvenir he brought her was literal trash.

Twitter | @3cheers20years

Somewhere, there's a dude on a beach laughing his head off with a fistful of cash and pistachios stuck in his teeth.

6. If you wanted to, you could say their excitement about seeing a dog got...wasted.

Reddit | [deleted]

The funniest part to me is imagining the neighbors seeing this person walk excitedly toward the yard waste bag and then slump away all disappointed. That might make me sound like a terrible person, but that's only because I am.

7. You know what? I think I can hold it until I get home.

Instagram | @LADBible

If the illusion of falling into an endless pit isn't enough to turn you off of this bathroom, being reminded that you suck at Rubik's cubes will push you over the edge.

8. An optical illusion so deceptive, it'll leave you feeling fatigued.

Reddit | lord-steezus

In all honestly, I didn't see him in the first picture either, but in my defense, he's from a very exclusive branch of the military.

9. With all the 3D printing they do these days, we can't be that far from this being a reality.

Twitter | @alanna

I tried to print an octopus with it, but it kept running out of ink.

10. "I can show you the woooooorld..."

Imgur | topoftheworldiam

There was a lot to like about her speech. I liked her policies on soaring, tumbling, and freewheeling. All in all, she showed me a whole new world.

11. Jeez, lady, take a high-quality glossy picture, it'll last longer.

Instagram | @LADBible

As uncomfortable as it must have been for the person who thought they were getting stared at, the real victim here is the woman in the jacket who's got some rando taking pictures of them on the train.

12. When your kid's in danger but mama needs the likes on Facebook.

Reddit | Idobjj

I'd bet a least a half dozen aunts and uncles had heart attacks when they saw this before they realized what was up.

13. I was walking through the mall when I saw the true face of sleevil.

EarthPorm | EarthPorm

What brand of T-shirt is this? Fruit of the Tomb? I think there's a spirit who's cotton between this world and the afterlife.

14. If this picture doesn't fill you with wonder and magic, I simply don't know how to help you.

Tumblr | wedway

Even if they don't reveal themselves, seeing these towels lets me know that Cosmo and Wanda have got my back.

15. Everyone argues about whether Superman or the Flash is faster. 

Twitter | @SincerelyTumblr

But the real race is between me leaving at the end of my shift and me spending money I don't have.

16. To be honest, a plant is a way better souvenir than a jar full of pistachio shells.

Instagram | @will_ent

Even if she wasn't stealing the tree, it's safe to say she palmed it.

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